Black Friday 2020: Social Media Counters

Black Friday 2020 in marketing tools Facebook like counter 25% on your SMIIRL meter Product sheet for the Facebook like counter . And the product sheet for the Instagram followers counter . Indeed, on 81% of the publications published during the week in the news feed, the highest engagement rates are on Thursday and Friday. Regarding the publication hours for Facebook posts, the most favorable at 1 p.m. in order to obtain the maximum sharing and 3 p.m.

to obtain the most possible clicks (likes or backlinks). Instagram in your business or reception Communicate on the Instagram network Gibraltar Email List Instagram is totally different from Facebook in terms of publishing content, stories and IGTV. Indeed, to begin with, the target reached by Facebook and Instagram is not the same. On this point, Facebook mostly brings together 35/65 year olds. And Instagram, for its part, brings together the majority of 16-year-olds / 34-year-olds. The best days to post content on Instagram are on weekends: Saturday and Sunday. Also, the Hashtags being the base of the network, work on the research of # of its activity in order to target its customers well.

Then the description and precise location on the site

The problematic content then the legal reasons which justify the fact that it must be removed. Finally, don’t forget to attach a copy of your first event to the author. The legal procedure to be put in place You should know that the host is not responsible for the publication of the content. The mass of data processed by these technical intermediaries makes monitoring on a case-by-case basis very difficult. The Electronic Commerce Directive has implemented a principle of prohibiting the imposition of an obligation of monitoring by hosting providers. The principle is based on ignoring the illegal content published, but once the host has been informed, it is imperative that they act.

If the latter does not, you can then, only then, take legal action against the host of the offending site. If you want to initiate legal proceedings against content illegally posted on the web, you can. For this, you must file a complaint against the author of this content. If the author is identifiable, you must file a complaint against X but the technical intermediaries must be able to identify the author of the content in dispute. Finally, to attach proof to your complaint, do not hesitate to take screenshots of the problem at hand. For other information on company rights, do not hesitate to visit our blog with all our articles such as GDPR in B to B: How to be in compliance?

Create Instagram stories Stories are defined as a collection

Photo and video posts that generate engagement with users. These are fast, they are displayed for less than 10 seconds. They only remain on the screen for a few seconds and are completely erased after 24 hours. Today, 500 Instagram users are posting stories every day. It is therefore a popular tool and anchored in user habits. They can elicit reactions that are displayed directly in private messages. His stories have the advantage of convincing people. You can use hashtags in order to increase your visibility and gain more subscribers.

Use hashtags and geolocation According to a study of 1.5 million Instagram photos, conducted in 2015 by Dan Zarrella, the practice of hashtags would increase the visibility of your publications. And therefore necessarily increase the number of likes and comments on these posts. Like twitter, facebook and tiktok, the hashtag is used to search for different content on the same topic and therefore facilitates the user’s query. We therefore advise you to choose your hashtags wisely. And be careful, that does not mean to take the most popular which will only drown your posts in all the content already exploited.

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