Brainstorming: Techniques To Boost Your Creativity To The Maximum!

Brainstorming, also known as “brainstorming” is the creative method par excellence . Used by many companies, it helps boost creativity within your team to bring out the most innovative ideas that are useful for the project in question . Composed of several phases and rules to be respected, your daring communication agency reveals without further delay the benefits of this exercise as well as the recipe for a successful brainstorming! Technical Iceland Phone Number List brainstorming: bringing together your team to find as many ideas as possible BRAINSTORMING: A TECHNIQUE TO BOOST YOUR CREATIVITY The basics of brainstorming to respect to boost creativity The brainstorming method is a creativity technique widely used in companies.

This is a team effort bringing together a maximum of 10 people who will put their neurons to the test! The objective during a project brainstorming is to generate the most new ideas in a given time to answer a problem posed upstream or to define the name of your company during a naming branding . In addition, this technique allows you to go further than idea creation, it helps strengthen the cohesion of your team and better involvement of your employees in the project. Brainstorming is organized into several phases that must be respected in order to generate lots of ideas without censoring yourself! A true mine of creativity whose secrets will be revealed to you without further delay.


The basics to know before starting a project brainstorming A golden rule before starting: everyone must let go to get as many ideas as possible in the allotted time! Remember, there are no “dumb” ideas but ideas that need to be shared and developed. A brainstorming meeting is a time to put aside prejudices and criticisms, the objective being to bounce back on the ideas put forward by others in order to come up with more elaborate new ones. The ingredients for a successful brainstorming Technical brainstorming allows you to compare experiences and skills .

Indeed, it is necessary to bring together participants whose profile and experience vary, so as to amplify the source of ideas. Finally, brainstorming involves using playful and fun tools such as mini-games, post-its and drawings . The ingredients for a successful brainstorming First, start by clearly formulating the objective of the study, and then state the problem as a question . Technical brainstorming is an exercise that requires being efficient and focused, so you have to set a time limit to prevent weariness from invading the imaginary flow of your employees. Then, let’s go for a neural festival rich in creativity! List all the ideas on a board so that they are visible to everyone.

They can be enriched or completed by each participant

After that, it’s time to reread the question originally asked . Take each idea again and check its validity in relation to the problem to cross out the erroneous ideas . Finally, classify the solutions according to previously defined criteria and prioritize them to highlight the priorities sought. The Jadéclo tip : offer a snack and drinks to the participants and take regular breaks to replenish your ideas and avoid boredom! Brainstorming, the technique to boost the creativity of your employees while working on team cohesion? Yes ! A relatively simple and fun technique, whose few rules to respect will allow you to produce plenty of ideas to move your project forward. And there you have it, you now have all the keys in hand for a successful brainstorming!

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