February  Therefore As a result of the unauthorized. Work on the earth break that was carried out by a third party. there was damage to Therefore three cables. of 10 kiva in a scheme located in Res JSC. This caused a violation Therefore of the power supply in the Lewinsky district. Of Novosibirsk Sports and Tetovo Teethe Therefore closure of five subscriptions. without part of the electricity economy in Res JSC. 16 residential Therefore Buildings. With thermal loads installed in them. And a kindergarten. The total population that fell under the lockdown is more than 2,5000.

The damage report was registered in Res JSC by the staff of the staff at 23:45. Brigade of the Brigades of Res JSC “NovoSibirsk Electric Urban Website” came to the place to check and eliminate the consequences of technological violations.


In the Place of the Unauthorized


Energy, the installation of the extraction instructions in the method of coping was found, which is the manufacturer of unconfirmed work left, it seems that he does not Italy Phone Number understand the extent of the damage he has caused.The conditions for the production of work to eliminate the damage to the cable are difficult at night time, the cable is not broken in the ground, which can only be done by entering the Winter season Equipment. These factors have a significant impact on the duration of the search for the location of the damage and the recovery work.

Brigades of Res Jsc Eliminates

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The effects of emergency in the MicrodistrictAt the time of work, Res JSC established the provision of power supply products to connect various customers. During the Therefore night one. Of the substitutions of the reservation was. consumed. Which is related to many MKD. This can guarantee the Therefore operation of the point of supply of heat in these houses. At this time, the nursery nest and the remaining breeding will be connected to the later sources.


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