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Understanding your link Lithuania Phone Number building campaign’s ROI can be more than confusing. Unless you know which link-building metrics to look at. But this is where the heart of the problem is. it’s hard to pinpoint exactly which link-building metrics to monitor. So we did the legwork for you by asking the experts. Thus, who are already down Lithuania Phone Number in the trenches for their link-building metrics? Of the 65 folks we spoke to, 52.31% are in the B2C services/products industry. Moreover, 26.15% are agencies, and 21.54% are in the B2B services/products industry.


How Do You Report Lithuania Phone Number On Link Building Campaign Results?

All the folks we talked to share they Lithuania Phone Number run link-building outreach campaigns. 89.23% of the surveyed companies run them regularly. Thus, while the rest (10.77%) run them occasionally. For reporting on link building metrics though, we found our respondents were divided into two camps: Folks who used several tools to report on their link building efforts (69.23%). People who used a centralized dashboard such as a datable to aggregate data from different sources (30.77%). Essentially, both camps use a handful of tools. We’ll talk about them below — for link-building reporting. One camp, however, goes an extra mile to streamline its processes by curating data from all available tools into a dashboard. This way, they display all their link building Lithuania Phone Number metrics on one central dashboard, helping them better read, digest, and plan according to the numbers they review.


Most Popular Tools for Link Lithuania Phone Number Building Campaigns

Ahrens is the most used tool for Lithuania Phone Number link-building campaigns — used by a whopping 80% of our contributors. Other two SEO tools, Smash and Moz follow this. Then, comes Hunter for gathering email addresses for outreach. Other popular tools include Mailchimp, Buzz stream, Monitor Backlinks, Majesties, Cognates, and more. At Response, the team looks at the number of new backlinks earned in a week along with the links’ DR and whether they’re DoFollow or NoFollow links according to Vlad Orlov. “Our target goal is DR 40+ backlinks every single week. This way, we constantly have new sources of traffic, and our own DR is constantly growing,” Orlov points out. “In fact, we grew Lithuania Phone Number it from 0 to 76 in just about two years.

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