You clearly have in mind which functionality your app needs in addition to the primary functionality. Now you are going to put this on paper as clearly as possible, so that the person who develops your app knows exactly what the functionality will be us for.

Also note that not all phones have ground and wall recognition. So do you want everyone to be able to use your app?

At Kunstchef we have done it in such a way that for models that do not have this recognition (lack of a Lidar Sensor in the phone), the painting is always plac three meters in front of the person, separate from the wall. In this way, people can still see the painting on the wall and examine the correct format.

Who makes the app

Your augmented reality idea is now really starting VP IT Email Lists to take shape. So now it’s important to move on to the next step: who makes your app and what is your available budget? When finding the right app developer, many options are possible. From my experience, the most important thing is to find someone you trust. You may have to share certain confidential things with this person.

At Kunstchef, for example, we wanted to use the source files of our digital art to get the highest possible quality in the app. But do you really want to share this with a developer you don’t know personally? In any case, something to think about well in advance!

It is important to consider the following: the more functionality you want personalized to your own style, the more expensive your project will be.


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The app stores

The developer has developed your app and it is ready to be published. It is important that while your app is being developed, you submit it to the Google Play and Apple App Store. Your account must be accepted by Google and Apple before you can put your app live in the app stores.

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