CCI Formation, an Extern’Market partner in the Gard

Our Extern’Market team has been offering continuous training since 2006. Training center approved by DIRECTE Occitanie . We are also a partner of the Gard Chamber of Commerce with Formeum Nîmes . The CCI du Gard offer a catalog of inter & intra company training. It is by developing internal skills that VSEs & SMEs acquire experience and know-how. LA CCI Formation is one of the pillars of training in our departments. Then take advantage of the Mongolia Email List CCI training catalog Catalog training cci gard Here are the training sessions for the second semester of 2020: GDPR: how to comply? Inter-company training on CCI Formeum Nîmes site 1 day of training of 7 hours: August 27, 2020.

The European regulation on personal data entered into force in May 2019. But how does it work? What are my obligations on my website? In the event of non-compliance, the risk is a fine of up to 4% of turnover excluding tax. => Lesson plan Create a Google Adwords campaign – Paid SEO Inter-company training on CCI Formeum Nîmes site 2 training days of 7 hours: September 15 and 22, 2020. Know how to create, put online and manage an online advertising campaign with Google Ads. Learn how to position yourself with added value keywords for visitor acquisition.

Lesson plan Manage customer reviews on the web Inter-company training on CCI

Formeum Nîmes site 2 training days of 7 hours: October 6 and 13, 2020. Nowadays, it is fundamental to manage your E-reputation. Google reviews or Facebook recommendations are awareness tools. You still need to know how to manage them, respond to them and enhance your business through refined responses. => Lesson plan Create your online store: WordPress Inter-company training on CCI Formeum Nîmes site 3 training days of 7 hours: November 03, 10 and 17, 2020 Know how to use a CMS to sell online easily. Develop your knowledge to sell online. Learn how to integrate content or develop your product catalog. => Lesson plan Know how to write for the web Inter-company training on CCI Formeum Nîmes site 2 training days of 7 hours:

December 01 and 08, 2020 Stop communicating with the opportunity which often rhymes with waste of time! Determine the communication variables that interest your customers and prospects. Use good practices to create your editorial line. => Lesson plan Web security: master the stakes! Inter-company training on CCI Formeum Nîmes site 2 training day of 7 hours: December 01 and 08, 2020 Choose web server to install your website. Know the different server formats available and at what price? Install a secure site with the SSL certificate to appear in https. How to choose the best security format for your business. => Lesson plan If you are interested in one of these trainings? Or if you want information for financing your training? Contact Mrs Sophie Sugier – Teaching assistant directly

We do a visio point together 2 or 3 times a week

These exchanges are necessary to develop the Solidarity Drive and adapt it to the expectations expressed by each person. One of the main challenges has been the implementation of simple tools so that users, often unfamiliar with digital tools, are as autonomous as possible in the transmission of information that I must integrate into the e-commerce platform. However, half of the sellers should be supported in the operations required to put together their catalogs published on the site. This support is done by telephone, taking into account the constraints of confinement.

And you received a lot of coverage in the local press too? Can you give us the links to the various articles where the project has been presented? The local press quickly publicized the operation as soon as I announced the opening of the service on Facebook in particular. After almost a month of existence, what is the 1 st report that you can withdraw from this platform? A very encouraging assessment, first of all through the unanimously positive messages on the operation put in place, both from customers and merchants. The platform has grown by now welcoming craftsmen open for emergency interventions and respecting a strict health charter.

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