Chatbot and phoning for customer relations: what to choose?

Chatbot and phoning for customer relations are two essential elements today. One dealing with new technologies offering a precise answer in a few words but limited in terms of actions. The other is slower in terms of processing but faster and more precise when it comes to complex requests. Digital has pushed companies to always improve their skills in their various business processes. Whether it is their capacity to deal with demand, after-sales services or prospecting, the customer is at the heart of the strategy. No more aggressive advertising Peru Email List because everyone can learn about a brand before buying. And that’s what nearly 75% of Internet users do before buying a product online or in a store.

However, a question remains: are chatbots more efficient than customer relations by telephone? Or are they two complementary customer relationship tools? Chatbot and phoning have a common future? The advantages of a chatbot in customer relations Owning a chatbot has many advantages both on the customer relationship itself and on the management thereof. First of all with regard to customer relations, there is a real strategy of personalization of demand. The market today relies on pushing information to a specific person. However, some marketers claim that this is a decoy and that nothing has really changed. But do chatbots provide real personalization or a quick response to a request?

A chatbot is made up of weak artificial intelligence

developed by humans who follow a question-and-answer process. These questions and answers in the computer world are scripts. The purpose of the chatbot is therefore redundant. It allows you to quickly respond to a question from a customer or a lead but also to provide information about it. Initially, a chatbot aims to respond to a request without leaving the web channels. What is today a small revolution in customer relations since we can have a clear and concise answer in a few minutes. However, a chatbot has limits, is that it is not able to respond to all requests. It all depends on the script it has. Despite this, the developers of these tools are working every day to fill in the gaps.

Secondly, a chatbot allows information to be transmitted. This information which is necessary for the proper functioning of a product and a service. In addition it allows to personalize an offer and not to respond or offer something that would not interest the customer. In short, a chatbot is very useful for simple customer relationship actions such as quick troubleshooting, raising a question or obtaining information. The advantages of customer relations by telephone The customer relationship by telephone is at the heart of all strategic thinking of companies.

Should we keep it or should we go fully digital?

To answer this question we are going to rely on several studies. The first reveals that 92% of interactions between a customer and a company are done by phone and that even if 80% of them do not like going through a call center, they prefer human interaction. This may seem paradoxical, but telephone customer services are still popular despite a form of reluctance. However, this reluctance comes from the large call centers outsourced abroad, such as those of certain mobile operators. Another interesting statistic is that of the 82% of people who dislike call centers prefer human interaction to digital.

We therefore understand those customer relations by telephone are still the most important channel. Based on our 35 years of experience in the field of customer relations, we know that it is essential that a call center and / or after-sales service be specialized in a field. The fact that it is specialized makes it possible to interact between two professionals who are experts in their fields. The objective of a specialized call center like ours is to give precise information to the customers of our customers. The latter will not have in front of them a person unable to answer a question or not knowing the environment in which he is prospecting.

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