Chatbots: real opportunity or real scam?

More and more companies are opting for the acquisition of a chatbot in order to improve their customer relationship, but is it enough? We often hear it said that chatbots are the future of customer relations, but can customer relations do without human beings? Will chatbots via artificial intelligence replace people working in customer relations? These are some examples of questions we often hear around this topic. With more than 35 years of experience in customer relations, we know that new technology is often a sign of change. But will these Qatar Email List changes be beneficial for customers using outsourced call centers. We know today, thanks to numerous studies, that consumers are looking for personalization and speed of exchanges with brands.

From this desire, in particular driven by digital natives (Generation Y), customer / business relationships must follow this trend otherwise their customers will go to the competition. But are chatbots responding to these demands? Often criticized, chatbots are also the prey of a very human vision of customer relations. This very human vision aiming to be based solely on human exchanges to offer local customer service. They are also criticized on the question of the investment and the profitability of such a product. Because yes, a chatbot has a production cost, but also a fixed cost for its maintenance.

Therefore, we can wonder if the use of chatbots is a real opportunity or a great marketing coup

Do chatbots really help customer relations? The first question we can ask ourselves to know if chatobts are a real opportunity for customer relations is whether they really help customer relations. Because yes, chatbots were created with the aim of strengthening the links between a client and a company. This reinforcement through this technology is carried out in different ways which are for the customers: Ultra-personalization of the customer experience by making it possible to respond to a simple request quickly. To put in touch with a technician for more complex requests or requiring human intervention. To contact a brand at any time of the day or night. To be considered by the brand and thus to be listened to for ever more efficient customer service.

From a brand perspective, chatbots are also a real opportunity that should not be overlooked. Indeed, a chatbot would improve customer relations and those for several reasons which are: Know the recurring problems that a product may experience and thus pass it on to the teams concerned. Offer more technical work to the technical and commercial teams of a company Give an innovative image of the customer relationship and thus boost your reputation Collect user data to better understand future customer expectations Use this data to anticipate a client’s needs Chatbots therefore have a dual scope in helping customer relations since they improve internal and external.

The improvement of the external through a relationship of proximity

Internal by improving work and workforce productivity. Is there a profit to owning a chatbot? Profitability is an important issue for every business, but the question is whether there is real profitability in owning a chatbot. To see if there is profitability, let’s compare the costs between a chatbot and a prospecting and / or technical service team. The man cost For prospecting or for a technical service, there are two possibilities which have a different cost. Because yes, if you internalize or outsource this part, the cost will be different as well as the service and the productivity.

Initially, the internal employment of employee which will cost you the wages, the expenses and the material. In addition, you are not immune to poor recruitment and therefore to a drop in productivity. Secondly, outsourcing, which can be very beneficial for you in terms of costs and notoriety. Call centers have a moral obligation to keep you and your customers happy. The cost is also cheaper, especially for occasional prospecting. However, choosing the right call center must respond to a logic of improving customer relations. In addition, you will not have the constraint of personnel management.

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