Chestnut Tree April 2022: Go Hunting for Eggs!

Discover your April 2022 chestnut calendar , carefully prepared by digital experts to support you in your daily work! Do not hesitate to consult all the chestnut trees of the year just here, in order to calmly prepare your marketing and communication campaigns in advance! April 2022 marketing calendar FRIDAY APRIL 1: APRIL FOOLS Stick a paper fish on the back of one of his comrades on April Fool’s Day? We all did it! But do you know the origin of Cameroon Phone Number List this event, celebrated all over the world? Several versions relate the birth of April Fools, but one of them has lasted for several hundred years.

The story goes that in 1564, King Charles IX decided to change the annual calendar, by starting the year on 1 st January instead of 1 st April . On 1 st January 1565, residents offered gifts and wished each other a happy new year. But some people were reluctant to this change and decided to continue to celebrate the New Year on 1 st of April. These people were therefore mocked and received false gifts from other inhabitants of the country. From that day on 1 st April became the day of jokes, hoaxes and false rumors . It is celebrated in France, Switzerland, Quebec, Italy, the United States etc.

One of Hoaxes From 1 St April the Most Famous Remains That of 1986

when the magazine Le Parisien announced that the Eiffel Tower would be moved to Marne-la-Vallée. The Jadéclo Board: Submit subscribers to your customers to tell the biggest joke or the biggest hoax of the 1stApril they know! You can even have a little contest to choose the funniest joke from the comments! SUNDAY APRIL 17: EASTER At Easter, tradition has it that we get together with the family over a delicious meal and that we organize a chocolate egg hunt for the children. And if you forgot, we will briefly remind you of the religious significance of Easter! The feast of Easter represents the resurrection of Christ in the religious tradition . During the three days preceding this feast, the bells of the churches are stopped, to mark the period of mourning and meditation announcing the crucifixion of Christ.

But then why is the feast of Easter associated with the image of the egg? Well it’s very simple ! The egg would symbolize life and would be considered an auspicious gift. The resurrection of Christ and the image of the egg were therefore naturally associated to represent the feast of Easter. Easter is celebrated in many countries around the world: Spain, England, Italy, Australia, United States etc. The Jadéclo tip: Ask your customers’ followers the most unusual place they discovered an egg during their egg hunt when they were little! THURSDAY APRIL 21:

Creativity and Innovation Day

In this busy month of April, let’s zoom in on the day of creativity and innovation . This day made its first appearance in 2002 with the aim of inviting the population to use their creative potential in everyday life and at work . This innovative day was then formalized by the UN in 2017. Indeed, it is thanks to these two concepts which punctuate our daily lives that our societies continue to evolve over the years . Creativity touches many fields such as art, science, economy, sustainable development as well as marketing and digital communication. Nowadays, innovation is mainly reflected in the advancement of artificial intelligence, more and more present in our lives, starting with our favorite connected object:

the smartphone! We can’t stop progress and the most eccentric ideas of today may be the solutions of tomorrow ! The Jadéclo idea: Organize a competition on your social networks to elect the best creations of your Internet users or invite your employees to share their ideas in the form of an improvement sheet to facilitate their daily work. SATURDAY APRIL 23: WORLD BOOK DAY Established in 1995 by the General Conference of UNESCO, April 23 is a key date that recalls the disappearance of great writers such as Shakespeare, Cervantes or even Garcilaso de la Vega. The purpose of this date is to bring people together around the oldest tool for disseminating knowledge in the world in order to facilitate its access and to extol the pleasures it can provide.

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