Chestnut Tree August 2021: Take Advantage of the Last Swims!

This article was updated on 03/19/2021. To end the summer, your digital communication agency has prepared the August 2021 chestnut calendar for you ! And don’t forget, to find out about all the key events of the year and prepare your social media editorial calendar as well as possible, find the chestnut calendars for the year 2021 ! Find the events of the Turkey Phone Number List month thanks to your August 2021 chestnut calendar! SATURDAY AUGUST 7:

WORLD BEER DAY It was in 2007 that four friends, straight from California, managed to convince the manager of their favorite bar to organize a party specially dedicated to beer. On August 5, 2008, the first edition of World Beer Day is launched and the phenomenon is growing in many other countries around the world. Celebrated every year on the first Friday of August, this event was originally intended to highlight craft beers and brewers in the region .

Today, this August 2021 chestnut tree is above all an opportunity

to get together with friends around one (or more) good, cold beer, and to thank the person who is always there to advise you and serve you your favorite beer: your bartender or brewer! In France, it is estimated that 30 liters of beer are consumed each year per inhabitant ! But this figure is still very far from our Czech friends, who occupy the first place in the ranking with 144 liters consumed per year! Jadéclo’s advice :if you make a publication related to alcohol, be very careful to respect all the conditions of the Evin Law, and not to associate the fact of drinking alcohol with the notions of pleasure and of fun. FRIDAY AUGUST 13: WORLD LEFT HANDERS DAY Created in 1976, World Left-Handed Day aims to fight against discrimination against left-handers and defend their rights .

Several decades ago, being left-handed was considered a flaw in its own right, and they were forced to learn to write with their right hand. Today, despite the fact that mentalities have evolved and that left-handers are now fully accepted, everyday life is not always easy for them. The car’s cup holder is on the wrong side, using a pair of scissors or a can opener is a real challenge, the jeans fly is on the opposite side… and the list is far from over !

In France, 15% of the population write with the left hand

You will understand, being left-handed is not easy every day, but according to scientists, they have significant attributes ! Indeed, left-handed people would be endowed with a superior intelligence, they would be more gifted in opposition sports and would have a more fulfilling sex life than right-handed people! The Jadéclo idea : celebrate all the left-handers in your community, it’s their day! THURSDAY AUGUST 26: WORLD DOG DAY World Dog Day was created in 2004 in the United States. It was created in honor of our four-legged companions , regardless of their races, to celebrate the ties that unite them to men.

The dog has always held a special place in the hearts of men, which is why it is also called “man’s best friend”, and is celebrated all over the world for its merits. More than just pets, they have become indispensable working acolytes . Whether in certain trades, police, customs, firefighters … or as an emotional assistance dog or guide dog ! Faithful, tender and full of affection, having a dog one day … is having a dog forever! Today, in 2021, August 26 is also used to raise awareness about dog abuse and abandonment . Across the world, many associations are mobilized on this day and offer “adoption days” or awareness days on the abandonment of man’s best friend.

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