Chestnut Tree December 2021: Finally the End of the Year!

This article was updated on 04/15/2021. And here is the December 2021 chestnut calendar , the last of the year to end your campaigns in style! Your digital communication agency is back next year to support you in your daily work! Find all the key events for the month of December thanks to your December 2021 chestnut calendar! FRIDAY DECEMBER 10: WORLD HUMAN RIGHTS DAY Celebrated each year on December 10, World Human Rights Day Mexico Phone Number List was created in 1950, following the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations General Assembly in 1948 .

In 1948, UNESCO was one of the first institutions to fight to defend the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by promoting it throughout the world through the media and the education of young people. This declaration establishes the fact that men are all born equal and free, and that they all have access to the same rights. Every man, regardless of his skin color, sex, religion, origin or whatever, must be considered as a human being and thus have the same rights as others. The young generation is at the heart of the problem , since it is they who will build the world of tomorrow.

They must therefore be heard and be able to defend

their ideas and their rights in complete freedom. The Jadéclo recommendation : the Universal Declaration of Human Rights has been translated into several hundred languages! But in how much exactly? Make your customers’ subscribers guess the exact number! MONDAY DECEMBER 13: WORLD RACLETTE DAY Second chestnut tree December 2021: World Raclette Day! Created by the Topito website, in partnership with the famous cheese brand RichesMonts, World Raclette Day is very recent, since it dates from 2019! Each year, when the temperatures start to cool, raclette machines come out of the closet to the delight of your taste buds! We declare the

“raclette season” officially open , and we organize convivial and warm meals around a nice cheese and cold meats platter, accompanied by his friends. And the least we can say is that raclette is a dish that appeals to the French! Indeed, it is estimated that on average, a French household consumes up to 1 kilogram of raclette cheese each year . But raclette is above all the essential dish for ski holidays . After spending the day hitting the slopes, there is no better feeling than warming up around a good raclette at the top of the mountains! The Jadéclo tip :

Invite your community to share the most beautiful photo

of their raclette in a commentary, with family or friends! SATURDAY DECEMBER 18: WORLD CHRISTMAS SWEATER DAY World Christmas Sweater Day is also commonly referred to as … ugly sweater day . This true social phenomenon was born in 2011, maintained by American pop culture, it is today celebrated around competitions to elect the ugliest Christmas sweater. Spread around the world, World Christmas Sweater Day has generated tremendous excitement. The ugliest sweater contest in a bar or between family, friends and colleagues has flourished across the world.

Everyone loves to hate these sweaters! Celebrities, like Snoop Dog or Matt Damon passing by the Tussaud museum, having dressed all these statutes in “ugly” sweaters, everyone got down to it! To choose your ugliest Christmas sweater, two criteria must be met. The second, a winter motif sweater, whether embroidered, printed or even 3D … it is THE mandatory criterion to have. And the second … a sweater in bright colors or even “flash” to put the eyes, in the true sense of the word …! The Jadéclo idea : organize a Christmas sweater election at the office.

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