Chestnut Tree February 2022: the Month of Love!

This article was updated on 11/19/2021. We do not lose the rhythm and we continue to support you in your marketing and communication campaigns! Jadéclo gives you a summary of the main events of the February 2022 chestnut calendar ! And if you haven’t already, don’t hesitate to check out all the chestnut trees of the year right here! Discover all the events for Belize Phone Numbers List the month of February thanks to your February 2022 chestnut calendar!

In addition to being the final between the two conference winners, it is a major global media event given that it attracts more than 100 million viewers each year , mainly in the USA but also in France, and of course beats records in advertising costs. These audience records can be explained in particular by the popularity of the sport in the USA , but also by the fact that it is the only sports league final to take place in a single match, unlike other popular sports leagues in the country such as the NBA (basketball), NHL (ice hockey) and MLB (baseball). The half-time show, which each year hosts a concert by a renowned American artist, will be provided by The Weeknd this year !


Candlemas ! Do you already have the water in your mouth when you think of good pancakes all hot salted or napée with Nutella? Well we too! But do you know the origin of the candlestick? The feast of Candlemas (formerly called “candlelight”) commemorates the presentation of Jesus in the Temple forty days after his birth and his recognition by Simeon as “Light of Israel” . But then, why pancakes on this holy day? Because they represent the sun and therefore a good harvest of wheat according to Christians! This festival is eagerly awaited today but mainly to eat pancakes and drink, at the same time, a little cider .

Globally celebrated but in different ways depending on the country, Candlemas remains very popular and appreciated by adults and children alike! You will also find many stands during this winter period which offer you pancakes with a wide choice of assortment to feast on during your outing. The Jadéclo idea :Organize a pancake party for your team ! This is the opportunity to meet up with your colleagues to discuss and unwind during the afternoon tea.


Safer Internet Day is an international event aimed at promoting better use of the Internet among the younger generation, their parents and teachers . This event aims to promote the development of responsible behavior on the internet, especially on the part of the youngest. In Europe, this day is attended by 31 countries and is hosted by two main players: InHope, the international network for reporting illegal content on the internet, and InSafe, the European network of centers specializing in internet prevention. In France, the program is orchestrated by three major players: The Internet Without Fear program , which educates young people and supports them so that they develop more responsible behavior on the Internet;

The Net Ecoute telephone line , which protects adolescents and children on the Internet; The reporting hotline , which fights against cyberbullying. The Jadéclo tip: Inform your audience more about the dangers that the Internet can pose by giving them key figures on the subject and by reminding them of the emergency numbers of organizations that fight against cyberbullying. SUNDAY FEBRUARY 13: SUPER BOWL FINAL The Super Bowl is the event which, since 1967, closes the famous American football season organized by the NFL in the United States.

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