Chestnut Tree January 2022: to Start the Year on the Right Foot!

The year has only just started and you have already started to prepare your social media posts, your communication plan for the coming weeks etc. Concerned about the success of your marketing strategy and your communication actions, your digital agency has prepared a short summary of the key events of the chestnut tree in January 2022 ! This will allow Bahrain Phone Numbers List you to see a little more clearly among all the events of this beginning of the year, and thus,

to optimize your work and your efforts! And if you are wondering what are the flagship events of the other months of the year, find all the chestnut trees of the year here! Discover all the events of the month of February thanks to your chestnut calendar January 2022! SUNDAY JANUARY 23: HANDWRITING DAY This January 23, World Handwriting Day comes to us from the United States. It pays homage to John Hancock, the first signatory of the United States Declaration of Independence .

In Terms of Communication, Handwriting Was Certainly the Most Important Tool

before the emergence of new modern means. Indeed, it was for several centuries the only way for two people to communicate at a distance. Less and less used nowadays, it has allowed the creation of legendary epistolary works such as the correspondence between Alfred de Musset and Georges Sand or the letters of the Marquise de Sévigné. But also the creation of writings of major historical importance like the diary of Anne Frank! The Jadéclo idea: Pay homage to this technique by organizing a writing competition : invite your employees to write signatures, a letter, a poem,…

awaken the writer who lies dormant in each of them! MONDAY JANUARY 24: WORLD WOMEN’S SPORTS DAY World Women’s Sport Day was created on January 24, 2014 with the aim of raising public awareness of women’s sport , which receives little media coverage. Today, more and more women practice physical activity and are present in sports governing bodies. Women’s teams are also increasingly covered in the media during major sporting events such as the Olympic Games or the Football World Cup. A great step forward that deserves to be celebrated every year. So, get out your best pair of sneakers and let your athletic souls conquer the field! The Jadéclo tip: On this women’s sports day, organize fun team events with your collaborators. This is the perfect opportunity to let off steam and strengthen ties between colleagues in a dynamic atmosphere by mixing team spirit, fighting spirit


Launched in 2007 by the Council of Europe, World Data Protection Day was then followed by the United States in 2009. Today it is celebrated worldwide every year on January 28. The purpose of this day is to educate Internet users about the protection of their personal data , through the identification of the data that is collected, the use that is made of this data and the rights that they can exercise. to oppose it. This event not only makes it possible to inform the general public about the protection of their private data, but also to allow professionals in this sector to meet and exchange with their audience more easily.

Each country can decide whether or not to participate in this World Day, by organizing national events related to data protection as they wish. The Jadéclo idea: Remind members of your community to remain vigilant when they disclose personal information on the internet, always ensuring the reliability of the site on which they are located. To conclude : And there you have it, it’s over for the chestnut tree in January 2022! Do not hesitate to consult the global summary of the 2022 chestnut calendar , where you can download your calendar directly and free of charge in PDF format!

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