Chestnut Tree July 2021: Take Out Your Swimsuits!

This article was updated on 03/05/2021. Wondering what are the important events this summer? Quickly consult the July 2021 chestnut calendar , developed by your digital communication agency , Jadéclo! And do not hesitate to consult all the calendars of the chestnut trees 2021 right here! Find all the events for the month of June thanks to your Switzerland Phone Number List July 2021 chestnut calendar! TUESDAY JULY 6: INTERNATIONAL KISSING DAY The kiss is celebrated each year on an international day created in the 1990s. A mark of affection, tenderness and love,

the kiss is practiced in different ways around the world, and sometimes in a rather original way. In Russia, tradition has it that people greet each other with a kiss on the mouth , even between two people of the same sex. This exchange is considered a sign of friendship, cordiality, even peace! In China and India, kissing is frowned upon, or even prohibited in public ! In India, kissing in public is considered indecent and therefore prohibited. In China, kissing each other that lasts several seconds is seen as a rude act. In New Guinea, the Papuan peoples embrace each other in a rather peculiar way.

Indeed, to prove their love to their spouse

it is necessary to cut the eyelashes of his or her partner with the teeth ! Finally, we can’t talk about kissing without thinking of the famous“French Kiss” , a true sensual and loving kiss worthy of the greatest cinema films. Be aware that during a French Kiss, you exchange nearly 50 million bacteria with your partner! And for the little anecdote, the record for the longest kiss in the world is held by a Thai couple. This kiss lasted 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds , just that! The Jadéclo trick :

make your subscribers guess key figures about the kiss! World record, number of bacteria exchanged, traditions in different countries, test their knowledge! WEDNESDAY JULY 14: NATIONAL DAY Second chestnut tree July 2021, the French National Day, celebrated every year on July 14! All over France, festivities take place throughout the day. But do you know exactly what this holiday symbolizes? On July 14, 1789, in the midst of the French Revolution, the storming of the Bastille by the Parisian people took place in Paris . A year later, on July 14, 1790, this event was commemorated in Paris during the “Fête de la Fédération” , during which reconciliation and union were celebrated.

On this occasion, the National Guards marched through the streets of the capital

After that, it was not until the Third Republic that July 14 was designated as the official National Day. Since 1880, every July 14, we therefore celebrate the end of absolute monarchy and therefore the beginning of the French Republic. In France, the day of July 14 is celebrated throughout the country. Many cities organize military parades during the day, such as the famous Paris military parade on the Champs-Élysées. In the evening, popular balls and concerts are regularly organized, followed by fireworks to end the day in style! The Jadéclo idea :

who says July 14, says public holiday! Suggest that your community take advantage of this day to relax with the family at the beach or in front of a beautiful fireworks display in the evening! SATURDAY JULY 17: WORLD EMOJI DAY July 17th is “World Emoji Day” ! Whether you’re a fan of Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp, you’ve all probably used an emoji in one of your social media or text messages. And these small pixels are now an integral part of our daily life! But why are emojis celebrated on July 17th in particular? Well it’s very simple !

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