Chestnut Tree June 2022: Summer Is Here!

This article was updated on 12/16/2021. We continue our overview of the months of the year with the June 2022 chestnut calendar ! Your Jadéclo web agency has put together the main events of the month for you! Find all the chestnut trees of the year , to be sure Sweden Phone Number List not to miss any key event of 2022! Find all the events for the month of June thanks to your June 2022 chestnut calendar! WEDNESDAY JUNE 8: WORLD OCEANS DAY AND BEST FRIENDS DAY June 8 is World Oceans Days! Created in 1992 at the Rio summit,

this event aims to educate populations on the essential role that the oceans play in our existence , and to mobilize them for their preservation . Elements essential to our survival, the oceans are used to provide oxygen, food, to manufacture medicines etc. The inhabitants of the whole world are therefore invited to commit to a sustainable management of the oceans, in particular by reducing their impact as humans on this element essential to the proper functioning of our planet. But June 8 is also Best Friends Day! Straight from the United States, it was in 2002 that the “Best Friends Day” was born.

Every year, Americans get together with friends for a weekend

during which many activities are organized: concerts, dance evenings, treasure hunts… This event is very popular today throughout the world and constitutes the main event. ideal opportunity to contact a lost friend, organize a meal surrounded by all your friends or simply thank those who accompany you on a daily basis. The Jadéclo recommendation: Suggest that your subscribers get together with friends and comment by posting their best group photo! SATURDAY JUNE 11: WORLD WELL-BEING DAY Created in 2012 in Turkey by Belgin Aksoy, the world day of well-being, or “Global Wellness Day”, aims to allow any individual to participate in an activity related to well-being , and this , free.

The founder of this event believed that well-being should not be a luxury and that everyone should be able to have access to it, which is why she decided to impose free of charge all activities related to well-being that day. . Today, several thousand establishments (thalassos, thermal baths, spas, etc.) and towns take part in this event each year. On the program: yoga and pilates classes, massages, wellness therapies, relaxation sessions, meditation… something to make you feel good in your body and in your mind! Jadéclo’s advice: Tell your followers to have fun today!

Suggest that they find the closest establishment participating

in this event to take care of them for a day! And if you work in a spa or a thalasso yourself, why not take the opportunity to pamper your loyal customers by offering them a treatment or a free course ?! SUNDAY JUNE 19: FATHER’S DAY Let’s stop for a moment on Father’s Day ! Celebrated in many countries, this special day honors fathers around the world . But do you know the origin of this holiday ? Don’t move, we’ll tell you everything! This day reserved for dads existed since the XV th century! At that time, Father’s Day was celebrated on March 19 in honor of the adoptive father of Jesus: Saint Joseph.

This special day gradually disappeared following the separation of Church and State and it was not until 1950 that it made a comeback thanks to a lighter company which wanted to increase its sales ! This day is therefore officially recognized in France, in 1952 and is today celebrated every third Sunday in June . Father’s Day is the perfect occasion to remind them of our love . Children often prepare it for school by making beautiful creations, but older children of all ages can wish their dad a happy birthday! You can give them a small gift, a photo album, prepare their favorite meal or simply write them a beautiful poem .

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