Chestnut Tree March 2022: Spring Is Coming!

Always there to support you, your digital communication agency has prepared a little summary of the major events of the chestnut tree in March 2022 ! Don’t wait any longer and quickly discover the main events of 2022! Find the chestnut trees of every month of the year right here ! Find all the events on your March 2022 chestnut calendar, created by Jadéclo! TUESDAY MARCH 1: COMPLIMENT DAY As harmless as it may seem, a compliment can Cambodia Phone Number List reveal a beautiful smile and more! World Compliment Day comes straight from the Netherlands. Created in 2003 to make this the most positive day of the year, it reminds everyone of the importance of compliments and their benefits .

In fact, knowing how to receive and give a compliment gives a positive feeling and a feeling of appreciation for both parties concerned. A compliment can consist of a sentence or just an encouraging word and can make anyone smile! A good way to brighten up your day and that of others. Be careful not to confuse compliment and flattery! This special day is a good time to highlight a person’s resources and skills , but it must be completely sincere and devoid of ulterior motives. An honest, well-founded compliment can have a real impact on the mood of the person receiving it.

In Addition to Feeling Useful and Appreciated at a Given Moment

this can sometimes lead to an awareness in the individual concerned of his skills and boost their self-confidence ! A mechanism that is found in children who build themselves and gain confidence in themselves and in their abilities through compliments. The Jadéclo idea : Invite your team members to compliment each other. For the shy ones, you can write them a little note on a post-it or send them a message with an emoji. Smile guaranteed ! SUNDAY MARCH 20: SPRING AND INTERNATIONAL DAY OF HAPPINESS The sun comes back to warm our face, the birds coo, the trees start to bud, the flowers bloom… and yes, it’s official, spring is here! The days are getting longer, allowing you

to take full advantage of your days, and gradually give way to your light coats to replace your big winter down jacket! But Sunday March 20 is also the International Day of Happiness! This day was created by the UN in 2012 (and was first celebrated in 2013), after establishing that global happiness resides in the three pillars of sustainable development, namely economic, environmental and well-being. social . The member countries of the UN voted unanimously for the establishment of this day of happiness, and none of them exercised their right of veto to oppose this event. On this world day, the UN invites each member state to set up educational activities and initiatives to raise awareness among the general public.

The Jadéclo Tip: Suggest That Your Community

share with you their definition of happiness! FRIDAY MARCH 25: WORLD PROCRASTINATION DAY Another chestnut tree of March 2022: World Procrastination Day! It was created in 2010 by David d’Equainville, a French writer and publisher. But what exactly is procrastination? It is putting off until tomorrow a task that we could have done today . The homework to return, the bill to pay, the visit to his mother-in-law, the report to be completed, the creative deadline to be respected, the dishes to be washed, all of these things that we are too often used to doing.

move and postpone by saying to yourself “I will do it tomorrow”. 85% of French people are affected by this phenomenon, and 92% among individuals between 18 and 24 years old. The aim of procrastination day is therefore to play down this phenomenon and to prove the benefits and advantages of this practice. Indeed, according to David d’Equainville, procrastination would be a sort of escape route to relieve the stress generated by today’s society, in perpetual motion and increasingly timed. Jadéclo’s advice: Reassure your subscribers and followers by telling them that they can procrastinate without feeling guilty today!

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