Chestnut Tree May 2022: Prepare Your Long Weekends!

Your digital agency has prepared your May 2022 chestnut calendar for you ! Find all the key events of the month to be as operational as possible in your campaigns! Wondering where to find the chestnut calendars for the other months of the year? Nothing easier ! You can check out all the chestnut trees of the year right here ! May 2022 marketing calendar SUNDAY MAY 1: LABOR DAY First chestnut tree in May 2022, Labor Day! A non-working day in the Cayman Islands Phone Numbers List, like many other days in May, it often allows you to go on a long weekend or to take the bridle to allow yourself a few days of respite.

The origin of Labor Day goes back to the year 1886… in the United States, and not in France! Indeed, the 1 st May 1886 in Chicago, broke a strike in the city , organized by several thousand US workers claiming the working day of eight hours. Under union pressure, and after several days of fighting, the American workers finally obtained their demands. In France, Labor Day is introduced on 1 st May to pay tribute to the Americans and defend workers’ rights and workers.

Today, Labor Day Is a Paid Public Holiday in Many Countries Around the World :

the majority of countries in Europe, Russia, South Africa, Japan and Latin America. The Jadéclo tip: Wish your community a nice day on this day off and good luck to those who work despite everything! TUESDAY MAY 17: CANNES FILM FESTIVAL The month of May is marked each year by a red carpet climb on the red carpet of great celebrities: the Cannes Film Festival . Created in 1946, this festival celebrates the 7 th Art is first known as the “International Film Festival” before being renamed in 2002 Cannes Film Festival. The objective of this unmissable event (the most publicized in the world after the Olympic Games) is to introduce or confirm directors and actors through economically and aesthetically minority works or through films intended for the general public.

Several film and documentary productions are judged by the Festival Jury for twelve days . The awards are presented during the film’s Closing Ceremony and recognize the best directors as well as the best actors and actresses. Among the best known, we find the Grand Jury Prize, the Prize for male and female interpretation, the Prize for best screenplay as well as the most famous of all: the Palme d’Or (obtained by Julia Ducournau with her film Titane during of the Cannes Film Festival in 2021). The Jadéclo idea: During this period of the film, involve your community by asking them to comment on their favorite films on your networks. WEDNESDAY MAY 25: WORLD GEEK DAY World Geek Day was created in 2006 in Spain.

Its Vocation Is to Celebrate Fans of Computers, Video Games

science fiction and more generally, new technologies. May 25 is symbolic and refers to several notable Geeks cultural events. The first screening of Star Wars, Episode IV: A New Hope in 1977 or the 1978 radio work by Douglas Adams , The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy . A manifesto claiming the rights and duties of Geeks was even created for the occasion. The latter cites the rights and duties of Geeks, such as that of being a homebody, of not liking football and especially the duty of being more geek than others! This holiday has long remained Spanish, however, in recent years we have seen the appearance of Geek Pride Day around the world.

United States, Canada, France, geeks from all over the world are joining forces to celebrate this day dedicated to them with lightsabers and video games! The Jadéclo idea: Challenge your office colleagues around a board game and may the best Geek win… FRIDAY MAY 27: NEIGHBORS DAY The Fête des Voisins is an event that was created in 1999, in France, by Atanase Périfan. At the time, he was deputy mayor in the 17 th arrondissement of Paris. A tragic case happened during his tenure: an elderly person died alone in his apartment, and was found only four months later. Following this tragic event, Atanase Périfan decided to create the Fête des Voisins, in order to fight against the loneliness and individualism of people in large cities .

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