Chestnut Tree November 2021: the Preparation of Christmas Presents Can Begin!

And here is the November 2021 chestnut calendar , produced by Jadéclo to support you in all your end-of-year campaigns! Also find all the chestnut trees of 2021 right here! Discover all the events of the month thanks to your chestnut calendar November 2021! TUESDAY NOVEMBER 16: INTERNATIONAL DAY FOR TOLERANCE The International Day of Tolerance was established by the General Assembly of the United States Malaysia Phone Number List on December 12, 1996. Member states were invited to celebrate tolerance and respect for others on November 16 .

This event was set up following the United Nations International Year for Tolerance, proclaimed by the United Nations in 1995. In the same year, UNESCO adopted the Declaration of Principle on Tolerance , declaring “The tolerance is respect, acceptance and appreciation of the richness and diversity of the cultures of our world, of our modes of expression and of our ways of expressing our quality as human beings. ” . The objective of the International Day of Tolerance is to bring together peoples and communities , so that they can appreciate each other at their fair value and that they live together peacefully and serenely.

To celebrate this day, activities are organized in educational

establishments and for the general public. The Jadéclo idea : remind your community of the importance of tolerance in today’s society! THURSDAY NOVEMBER 22: WORLD VIDEO GAME DAY The origin around World Video Game Day is unclear. However, in France, this day was launched in 2010 on the initiative of the Loisirs Numériques association . This French association launched this day in order to promote the unifying, united and “fun” values ​​of video games , everything that it itself reflects! This day also has an informative purpose. Indeed, it helps to break down prejudices around video games by informing parents through multiple events, conferences, workshops, open days in production studios, etc.

In addition to showing their support for the video game industry, gamers around the world are showing the true face of this universe and the number of people it brings together. This day allows them to witness the culture behind video games while having fun. For 2021, we don’t yet know what events will be organized, but one thing is certain, warm your wrists because it will play out ! The Jadéclo teambuilding idea : challenge your colleagues to a Mario kart tournament (or another game) and give the winner a prize! THURSDAY NOVEMBER 25: THANKSGIVING A true emblem of the United States, Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated each year by thousands of Americans around the world.

This event is an opportunity to get together as

a family around an excellent meal . Thanksgiving has its origins in a historic American event. In the 17th century, Pilgrims immigrated to America, having fled England, where they were welcomed by the Wampanoag tribe, a Native American tribe. Totally weakened because they no longer fed, the Amerindians taught the Pilgrims their techniques of fishing, hunting and cultivation , so that they could survive on this new continent. The following year, the harvests were so successful that the Pilgrims decided to share a hearty meal with the Amerindians to thank them for their help..

They brought wild turkeys to the meal, and that’s how the Thanksgiving tradition was born! Formalized by President George Washington in 1789, it was not until 1863, under the presidency of Abraham Lincoln, that Thanksgiving was officially set for the fourth Thursday in November . In 1941, Congress even decided to turn this day into a national holiday across the United States. In the United States, it is estimated that nearly 40 million turkeys are cooked each year on Thanksgiving! And the Americans being uncompromising with traditions, it is forbidden to leave the table until everyone is satisfied!

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