Chestnut Tree October 2021: Admire the Pretty Fall Colors!

This article was updated on 04/15/2021. As the end of the year is slowly approaching, your digital agency in Nice has created the October 2021 chestnut calendar for you ! And don’t forget that you can find all the chestnut trees of the year 2021 here! Find all the events of the month thanks to your October 2021 chestnut calendar! FRIDAY OCTOBER 1: PINK OCTOBER Pink October is not a single day breast cancer awareness campaign but throughout the Russia Phone Number List month of October. October Rose appeared in the United States in 1985 to raise awareness of breast cancer in populations, particularly women, while raising funds for research.

In France, the first campaign appeared in 1994 at the initiative of the Estée Lauder group, whose vice president, Evelyn Lauder, participated in the creation of the famous pink ribbon which represents the fight against breast cancer today. Every year, from all over the world, many events are organized to highlight those who have fought the disease , to inform and to collect donations for medical research. Running, group dance lessons, auction… and even free or reduced-price screening campaigns are offered in some French medical offices.

Landmarks around the world, from the Eiffel Tower to Niagara Falls

are also dressed in pink lighting to draw attention to this important month! This year, in 2021, nothing will stop actions related to Pink October , not even covid-19. On the program, and like other years, sporting events, web conferences, nothing stops research and information! Jadéclo’s advice : involve your work team in one of the races organized for Pink October. You will participate in the advancement of research while drawing the attention of your collaborators to this disease which affects millions of women. SATURDAY OCTOBER 2: WORLD SMILE DAY Celebrated every year on the first Friday of October, World Smile Day, or “World Smile Day”, was established in 1999. But the origin of this day goes back a few years earlier.

In 1963, an American artist, Harvey Ball, created the famous smiley smile that we all know . Its goal ? Improve the morale and mood of employees of a large insurance company in the United States . But Harvey Ball did not register his creation, his work fell into the public domain. It was a French journalist, Franklin Loufrani, who reused his idea in the press and submitted the idea to the INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property). He then marketed derivative products within his company “Smiley World”. But it is indeed the original designer, Harvey Ball, who created World Smile Day in 1999! And the least we can say is that smiling brings you unexpected benefits !

Smiling helps reduce stress, rejuvenate, extend your life expectancy

protect you from cardiovascular disease … and many more! The Jadéclo idea : invite your community to share in the comments their best smile to celebrate this day! WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 13: INTERNATIONAL BURGER DAY Considered a few years ago as a “junk food” product, widely used in the most famous fast-food restaurants around the world, the hamburger is now on the menu of the greatest starred restaurants . But contrary to what one might think, the hamburger does not come from the United States, but would originate from Germany , and more precisely from the city of Hamburg! It is from there that it takes its name “hamburger”.

It was during the 19th century that the hamburger crossed the Atlantic, aboard an immigrant ship, to reach New York. It then became one of the essential dishes of the United States. Today, the hamburger has spread widely across the world, especially thanks to large fast food chains such as McDonald’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, Wendy’s etc. In France, it is estimated that 85% of restaurants offer a hamburger on their menu ! And it is a dish that appeals to the French, because it brings in several billion euros in turnover each year! Jadéclo’s advice : conduct a survey of your customers’ subscribers to find out which is their favorite fast-food chain! To conclude : And there you have it, it’s over for the October 2021 chestnut calendar! Now,

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