Chestnut Tree September 2021: the Start of the School Year!

The purpose of this day is to spread peace throughout the world and among all nations . It is also a world day of “cease-fire”, during which the zones of combat must stop the hostilities. Each year, the International Day of Peace is celebrated around a specific theme. In 2019, the theme addressed was “Climate action and action for peace”, in order to raise Albania Phone Number List awareness about climate change. Each year, a traditional ceremony is held at the UN Peace Garden . During this celebration, the President of the General Assembly and the Secretary General together ring the bell of peace, thus marking the beginning of this world event. The Jadéclo tip :

why not organize a quiz in your community! Test their knowledge and create a little engagement with a little culture. MONDAY SEPTEMBER 27: WORLD TOURISM DAY Established in 1980 by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), World Tourism Day is celebrated every year on September 27. The date of September 27 coincides perfectly with the end of the tourist season in the Northern Hemisphere and the beginning of that of the Southern Hemisphere. The main objective of this event is to remind the world population of the importance of the tourism sector throughout the world, especially from cultural, social, economic and political points of view . Each year, the day is associated with a particular theme.

Thus, in 2019, the theme was “Tourism and employment: a better future for all”

in 2018, “Tourism and Digital Transformation” … In many countries, tourism is a major lever of economic activity which has direct repercussions on employment, on the populations, on the opening of the country to the world … It is therefore a key sector that we consider. must protect and develop! The Jadéclo recommendation : travel agencies, travel blogs, invite your subscribers to participate in a photo competition! Ask them to share their best vacation photo from around the world. THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 30: WORLD TRANSLATION DAY World Translation Day was created in 2017 by the United Nations General Assembly.

September 30 is a symbolic date, it is Saint-Jérôme Day. This Saint was a translator of the Bible and is recognized as the “patron saint of translators”. Across the world, the United Nations, as well as the various professional translation unions, organize events to bring together translators from all walks of life. In France, in several large cities, these linguists specializing in different branches of translation gather around round tables, conferences, competitions , etc. organized by the French Translation Society (SFT). Around a theme that differs each year, translators, legal translators, technical translators…

Translation students exchange ideas and try to advance the rights of translators

More than a day focused on their work, it is also a meeting place for these workers, often independent! This year, in 2021, the theme of World Translation Day has not yet been unveiled. In 2020, the theme was Finding the Words for a World in Crisis . Who knows, this year may be about how to Find the words to get out of the crisis… to be continued! The Jadéclo idea : do a translation competition with your colleagues to see who is the best linguist in the office… or at least the least worse! To conclude : The September 2021 chestnut calendar is over! You have all the tools in hand to calmly and efficiently prepare your campaigns! And if you want to find the overall summary of the year, find the complete 2021 chestnut calendar right here!

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