Christmas Marketing Campaigns: When Storytelling Gives Way to Emotion

For most of us, big or small, Christmas is synonymous with fairyland and magic ! A period eagerly awaited and prepared with the greatest care. But Christmas isn’t just a simple date on the calendar. Christmas is a whole month entirely dedicated to festivities, to sharing with friends and to reuniting … And all these celebrations also bring their share of nostalgia and emotions which make these moments the most precious of the year . Childhood memories Hungary Phone Number List come back to us, our loved ones get together in full force… or almost… and it is family values ​​that take over. Far beyond making families happy, Christmas is a time of year that is also very popular with brands for their Christmas marketing campaigns !

The briefs with the communication agencies fuse from June and the brainstormings are running relentlessly until the Christmas deadline. Because yes, the stakes are high! Some companies achieve their biggest turnover of the year there . This is particularly the case for food chains, toy or multimedia store brands. Every year, from October and until January, it’s the race for gifts all over the world. And as in every period when consumption intensifies, brands declare open the great ball of the most ingenious and the most striking advertisements with one and only goal, to make you consume their product and to stand out from the competition.

Time Square Christmas is THE time of the year when brand

Communication is certainly the most crucial for their business. But suddenly, a question arises: what is this magic recipe that allows a brand to succeed among the profusion of communication campaigns during the end of the year periods ? STORYTELLING, THE SECRET INGREDIENT IN CHRISTMAS MARKETING CAMPAIGNS For businesses, Christmas is THE time for brand storytelling . It is the ideal moment for them to give a new dimension to their universe by not speaking only of the products but of their values, their stories and to anchor them in the imagination of Christmas. And Christmas being the month of nostalgia, love, fun and family , the smartest brands surf on these emotions in their end-of-year communications.

And if a brand message has the power to make the consumer emerge an emotion , among those previously mentioned among others, it is a message that will be listened to, appreciated and remembered more . showcase of Galeries Lafayette in Paris for Burberry But this is where the work of Christmas storytelling is even more unique and extraordinary. The privileged media are the most communicators of emotions and experiences (where we can “live” the brand): stand / showcase, short film, dedicated website, social media events, Christmas boxes, not to mention the highly anticipated Advent calendar.

The goal is to bring the brand’s message to life and make it ubiquitous (or almost)

In the consumer’s daily life. The tool par excellence of this period is the timeless Advent calendar. Thus, the Tiffany or Dior brands have gained a golden opportunity to be present for 24 days (at least) in the daily lives of their most loyal consumers through a neat, magical and very worked world. THE MOST SUCCESSFUL AND TOUCHING CHRISTMAS MARKETING CAMPAIGNS Because images speak louder than words, we have prepared a small selection of advertisements where Christmas storytelling is used wonderfully! John Lewis – This is the most anticipated Christmas campaign every year in England and Europe. In the form of a short film, each time we find a new moving story!

The best part is that the brand manages to promote its products so implicitly that we only see fire, leaving the poetry of each story intact. Pub 2019 Pub 2015 – the one that wins more support EDEKA – A short film full of sensitivity and emotion that will never tire us! This ad is a few years old, but is one of the most moving around. The value she advocates: the importance of the family Disneyland Paris – With a touch of magic and humor, we find Disneyland Paris which explains the origins of the magic of Christmas: Coca-Cola – In line with its new brand positioning, Coca-Cola is unveiling an ad under the sign of sharing during the holiday season: Intermarché – Tender and humorous,

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