Communicate on social networks during the pandemic

Communicating on social networks during a period of crisis is fundamental! Indeed, it is essential to maintain a link with your customers. Also, continuous communication on social networks in 2020 is an excellent way to exist during periods of confinement and deconfinement. Note that the number of social media users has increased by 61% since the Gambia Email List confinement. This is why it is essential to set up a social media strategy for effective and real-time communication. This is why our web agency encourages you to use social networks to communicate during this pandemic period.

Your brand image and notoriety must be displayed. So take the time to use free communication tools to promote your current products, services and offers. And for that, our web experts give you some advice to establish your crisis communication strategy . Tips for communicating on social networks during COVID-19 drive customer engagement on Google Is your business still in operation? You must communicate about any changes you have had to make due to the health crisis, such as: The new opening and closing times.

Do you do click and collect?

Have you closed? Make an appointment? Remember to specify it in the management of your social networks and consider modifying the hours on Facebook, your website and your Google my Business page . As well as display them at your point of sale. With such times like this, your customers need to know about everything at all times! You must also inform your customers of the reopening of your activity or on the contrary of a longer closure following the news that you will receive from the President. Now is not the time to let your community down, you need to redouble your efforts and show them that you are always there, with them in order to satisfy them as much as possible.

This will allow you to put your customers at the heart of your digital communication. Communicate on social networks with your customers & prospects A community manager controls and manages reviews Inform your customers Get in touch with your customers via social media, phone or email to let them know how the customer follow-up on past orders is going now. Do not hesitate to specify, on your networks or site, the means of contact that you prefer. Taking orders on the internet Favor orders via social networks, your site or by phone, unlike in-store visits which are prohibited. Post and share photos and videos from your store in a sales process.

Delivery of your orders You can offer three methods to your customers

send it by post (with additional delivery costs), delivery to your closest customers (delivery round made by the company) or the withdrawal of orders in click and collect. Please note, for point-of-sale appointments, you must be diligent in complying with the health rules in force (social distancing, mask, freezing). Payment methods Inform your customers of the payment solutions that you favor during confinement as well as the principles of extended withdrawal. You can also choose to only make payments by credit card, so as not to have access to the liquid which can be more dangerous.

Online payment solutions are typically used for distance selling, even more so from containment. So, you see, when you think about it: we have a few things to communicate on social networks ! And for “Yes, but I’m not very social networks”…. Ok but we are not talking about you but about you #Okay customers ? Because they are there and are not waiting for you! So assert your presence and develop your notoriety with social media tools. When to publish and communicate on social networks ? Communicate on Facebook with your prospects and customers Communicate on the Facebook network The best days to post content on Facebook are Thursdays and Fridays.

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