Communicating in times of crisis is good, but it is important to adapt your communication

To the people concerned and especially not to forget anyone. We will indeed spontaneously think about communicating with our customers, but they are not the only ones to keep informed of the situation! Your commercial and institutional partners and your employees are not to be neglected! Communicating internally in times of crisis is indeed essential. It is essential to be transparent with your teams regarding the situation to not only keep them informed of the Suriname Email List evolution of the situation, but also to avoid any speculation! Communicating regularly and factually will avoid you in particular the departure of multiple rumors from which you will have difficulty detaching yourself afterwards. Obviously, your customers are also waiting for information concerning, for example, the terms of service continuity, what the crisis will imply for them, etc.

If you experience the crisis, it is likely that the same will be true for your business partners. So take the time to hear from them, see how they are dealing with the situation on their side. Solidarity is a value to remember in difficult times. Finally, keep in touch with your institutional partners throughout the crisis. This will allow you to take stock of your personal situation but also to receive the various steps to follow for the future. How to organize your crisis communication? Communicate in times of crisis externally The safest way to communicate in times of crisis to your external partners and customers is the official press release. As we told you above, being factual is essential.

For that nothing better than a classic press release

That will avoid any unfortunate departure from the road. You will be able to distribute this press release on your social networks and even pin it to the top of your profile. He will thus not find himself drowned in the flood of publications that will follow and will remain at the top of the profile until the crisis is resolved. If you have the possibility, anticipate the preparation of your press release. This will save you from having to do it at the last minute and in a rush. How to write a press release optimally? Since a press release is always dated, start by recalling the initial situation. It is very frowned upon to start a press release directly from the business angle.

Communicate in times of crisis internally As we said above, communicating internally during a crisis is essential in order to reassure your employees and keep them informed of the evolution of the situation. Even if the news is not good, it is still better to always be transparent and honest. For this type of communication, going dark social is a good solution. If you already use an internal communication tool (Slack, WhatsApp, Messenger, Hangout, etc.) keep it. However, consider creating a dedicated channel for crisis communication. This will first of all make it possible not to confuse this subject with others in the life of the company.

In addition, your employees will have a place to discuss this subject

Without interfering with other usual information flows. If you are not yet using this type of platform, now is the time to get started! In short, communicating in times of crisis cannot be improvised. All communication must be mastered from end to end. It thus does not pass the control of the people who prepare the communication, those who will disseminate it. Timing is also important: communicate at the right time and finally to the right people. Find our other articles on the theme of communication: how to reconcile social networks with your B2B activity or how to make a B2B marketing video .

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