Community Management Agency Montpellier – Les Missions Du CM

Community Management Agency Are you looking for a freelance community manager? If you are looking for an experienced community management agency? or a freelance community manager to organize an Instagram or Facebook contest ? Our team develops, runs and moderates your brand’s social networks for you to increase your visibility and notoriety. And you will surely find the offer that suits you best. So contact our team to get started quickly and easily . Then, a community manager will contact you to carry out an audit. And within this Palau Email Lists framework, you will identify your needs, set your objectives and establish the editorial line of your social media strategy . And don’t forget your Facebook Like Counter or Instagram Follower Counter .

Missions & Role of the Community Manager Community management The missions of a community manager in an agency are numerous So what can a community manager be used for? And what is the price of a community manager ? Then how to choose your CM? Definition of Community Manager First of all, the term “Community Manager” called the “CM” is the host of social networks & the ambassador of a brand or a company. Also, he has a real media culture, web, social networks but also a real sense of marketing and communication. And the CM position has become more professional with the advent of social networks. To date, 27% of companies (SMEs & Key accounts) use a Community Manager .

Finally, there have recently been dedicated training courses for

“Developing your presence on the Web” or “on community management” . Higher cycle with certain minimum prerequisites. Otherwise, this online training will allow you, for a few hundred euros, a real distance training. Role of the Community Manager Due to the visibility offered by social networks, the community manager plays a preponderant role in digital strategy. Indeed, it represents a brand or a company on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, your blog, forums etc … So, it is the guarantor of your presence on the Web but also of your E-reputation with what is said about you! Depending on the defined objectives, he will have to act on social media to deploy your digital strategy.

Beware of illegal practices that can represent false testimonials on comments or customer reviews pages. Community e-reputation management agency 60% of what is said about you is done outside of your communication media !!! We are talking about it….? The community manager mission The Community Manager regularly provides (depending on the package selected), a watch on your market and disseminates your content, as well as written articles that may interest your target and therefore your potential customers. And its role is to attract Internet users to your company, to encourage them to subscribe to your pages on social networks. But also to answer their questions and moderate the visible answers.

25% of French people use social networks to express their dissatisfaction

So, the Community Manager comes into play to ensure that customers are saying about your brand, whether on social networks, as in forums or on blogs. The CM can then intervene to thank the positive comments and provide a satisfactory response to dissatisfied customers or those awaiting a response. 80% of French people are on at least one social network So social networks are a place of exchange with your market … The communication can not be done today without social networks. With almost the entire population registered on at least one social network (Facebook in the lead), companies must absolutely integrate this communication channel into their digital strategy.

A proactive presence on social networks allows the company to perfectly manage its image, to watch over its e-reputation. But also to take charge of customer complaints, to prospect a new market and to dialogue directly with consumers to refine its offers. The qualities of CM Community manager and web writing A community manager must have writing skills Of course a web professional but also a marketing professional! Finally, the CM must have a good sense of rhetoric in order to best ensure the 2.0 presence for which he works.

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