Community Management: The Moderation Guide

Moderation… what is it? This is one of the daily tasks of the Community Manager’s work on social networks. The latter leads one or more communities , on behalf of companies, brands, public figures, associations, etc. Moderation consists of reacting to comments and responding to messages or questions from the community. More than local Belgium Phone Number List communication, moderation has become a powerful marketing tool. Your digital communication agency offers you this mini guide intended for all moderators! IN THEORY… WHAT IS MODERATION?

With 38 million French people active monthly on Facebook, 21 million on Instagram and 12 million on Twitter, page, account and group moderation has become a digital strategy that should never be neglected! In theory, it consists of moderating information on social networks and, in a way, controlling it. Its goal is to preserve a positive brand image while quickly providing reliable and qualitative information to its community. Quality content 24/7! Moderation provides quality content 24/7 The moderator is a kind of mediator who listens and is always present to answer questions from his community.

Since everything can circulate on networks

it is difficult to control information, especially fake news . This is why the moderator must be reactive and respond in less than 24 hours to filter the content that circulates on his pages or his groups. This permanent watch guarantees your business quality content at all times! In addition, this responsiveness also allows you to create a close link with your customers. Through the moderator, you will communicate more quickly and easily with them, whether by comments, DM (Direct Message) or private messages. The moderator undertakes to respond to them as soon as possible and in irreproachable French in order to ensure the credibility and seriousness of the account he manages.

Social and community platforms have implemented badges, such as the Facebook badge Very responsive to messages , which are intended to inspire confidence and impose a guarantee of quality and speed . If the work performed by the moderator falls within the criteria of the “badge”, your page will be able to proudly display it! Benevolence embodied… of the page and its community! One of the main goals of the moderator is to protect the community he governs . He has a duty to moderate comments that would harm subscribers and the company, but also to restore the truth by responding to defamation, if necessary.

He can ban or block people who do not respect the rules of the group

or if the latter are insulting and aggressive towards other members. Since he represents the company online, he must ensure goodwill and tolerance on his social networks. However, the moderator is not there to censor his subscribers or restrict their freedom of expression. Everyone has the right to post what they want as long as the message respects the rules of propriety of the platform! OUR ADVICE TO BE A GOOD MODERATOR! A millimeter organization Who says moderation says reaction, says organization! To work at best and on time, the moderator must keep a precise schedule in order to always be up to date. We advise, every morning, to look at the latest comments, messages or even opinions posted by subscribers on the networks.

Performing this action as a priority is a guarantee of quality and guarantees a response to your subscribers! In some cases, the Community Manager must also anticipate future actions of the account , such as the scheduling of posts on Instagram or Facebook, their follow-ups, etc. To do this, many tools are at its disposal. Here we present our favorites: the moderator must keep a precise schedule Create tables for future publications or standard responses. On the board, company schedules, standards, recurring questions, etc.

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