Community Manager Rate: Our 2020 Packages!

What is the price of a community manager? And for what community management service? At first glance, we will find any type of community manager rate . Is this normal? we almost say yes! So, in this case why? Because quite simply, it depends on the economic structure of the company to which you are going to call upon. Indeed, we rely on the management of social networks , 3 main players: The community management agency Mauritius Email Lists rate First of all, a web agency like Extern’Market will have several dual skills that can serve you in the course of the community management service . Like having a web developer under your elbow. Or with a social media project manager capable of writing for the web (and especially your blog).

Also, an agency has several community managers internally and will therefore be able to respond without problem to an increase in activity if necessary. Finally, a social media agency will rely on cutting -edge digital marketing tools and their use will be integrated into the pricing of CM services. Community management agency rate Whereas a company sets its prices according to its charges, the city of residence of the said agency can obviously increase the price of a community management agency . So, we will see an evolution of + or – 20% depending on cities such as Paris, Marseille, Nantes, Montpellier or even Lyon.

Overall, the 2020 community manager rate for a community management agency

Is set at: 540 € / day of 7 hours of work Then we find the freelance community manager. Freelance community manager It is undeniable that an independent community manager remains just as competent & professional! But he is alone … Therefore, its capacity and workload remain limited and can be a brake in the event of increased needs. Also, it is necessary to check if the CM has a double competence. But above all to check the adequacy of your needs in the implementation of your editorial line and digital strategy for social media. In addition, many freelancers use the tools & software solutions in free version without having access to the full and complete functions.

Consequently, if necessary, these functions will be in addition to your signed package and will add to the bill for services invoiced with the freelance CM . Finally, by definition, the freelancer is alone in the management of his business and with these clients. Freelance community manager rate First, note that the independent CM will give him a schedule with hourly rates. Here too, we must understand the economic logic of this freelance: salary = Number of hours sold in the month in social network management. Then, generally being Self-employed ( beware of the requalification by URSSAF of self-employed persons dependent on a client with a significant annual turnover! We will soon show you examples of requalifications with tips and advice to take before signing a contract.

CM services , these charges are limited

But also, unlike community management agencies , it invoices the customer directly for technical or subscription costs . In addition to this, we will establish the same remarks on the location and the impact on the price of services according to the city of residence. Overall, the freelance community manager rate in 2020 is set at: 409 € / day of 7 working hours And finally the specialized social media web editor. Web editor rate specializing in social media In general, we will make the same remarks as for the independent community manager. Indeed, the web editor is generally also freelance. On the other hand, social media management is for him a complementary activity to his primary function of editor for the web.

Web editor rate for the freelance community manager Overall, the 2020 community manager rate for a specialist independent social media web editor is set at: 400 € / day of 7 hours of work Should we hire a community manager? Hire a community manager First, let’s take a look at the profile of a CM to answer this question. Indeed, there is a stage where we must ask ourselves the question of the internalization of the competence or of the externalization . Therefore, a social manager (senior) or a community manager is generally a graduate of the higher cycle (between Bac +2 and 5).

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