Company Digitization Help: Announcement 09/11/20

So calling on a service provider for graphic & media creation can be wise to optimize your footprint on the web. In terms of digital strategy, we must not forget that the image is one of the 4 referencing objects along with “writing”, “sound” and “video”. Customer reviews on your Google My Business listing, customers can post reviews about your business. And of course, you will have the possibility (and the obligation) to answer them. On this, we present in an article on the management of customer reviews on the web . On the subject, some are still Macedonia Email List reluctant to let your customers, prospects (and competitors…) express themselves. But in the matter, he say to himself: first, centralize them better and be able to respond to them.

Then, in the age of web 3.0: you need to encourage your customers to leave you reviews. Then, it must be said that these opinions are consulted by your prospects. And yes, don’t forget that 96% of customers come to consult the customers’ opinions of the merchants on the web… Namely that the Net surfers “appreciate” as much the customer opinions as the answers of the owner of the Google Business file . Opposite presentation of Google reviews of the hairdressing salon Le Coiffeur Français .

Google My Business reviews of this hairdresser

we will appreciate the “I came to test the salon because the Google reviews were very positive!” I do not regret and recommend it! “. So yes, even the customer experience through Google reviews can bring in new customers. Customer reviews on your Google My Business listing GMB Articles: The Google Business Post Post google my business corporate account Google Business articles are organized by categories. So we will find the events, news, Offer & product. This service allows companies to be able to publish announcements, promotions or even any updates. And it is possible to add, on each article, a link, a photo, a video or a description to precisely target your desired audience.

Uploaded posts appear in Google Maps and Google searches. However, posts no longer appear in Google search results after 7 days. However, articles concerning dated events remain until the deadline. And an archive of posts remains available on your profile. What is the use of a Google Post? The importance of inserting a google post on your Google Business portal using the dashboard is to promote the image of the company and make it more dynamic. Also this marketing tool (always free) will allow you to highlight your activity and temporary promotions in order to retain your customers. What is the Google Business Local Pack?

The local google pack is a geolocated search in the Google Maps map, which offers:

3 links which correspond to three business addresses chosen by the algorithm. Often the majority of the data comes directly from the GMB offer. A link leading to other addresses with a wider map in terms of geolocation. The criteria chosen by the algorithm: Proximity. The rating and advice given. Complete GMB files. If in the search, the Internet user does not specify his city, his geolocation will be taken into account automatically. Google My Business sheet: The local pack Google My Business: Pro account management price EM service for the complete creation of your digital identity? Control your online reputation by inviting your customers to leave reviews Previously, we explain that the Google My Business service is free like most Google tools.

However, as many companies do not have the internal resources with a Community Manager or Webmarketer, this service can be outsourced. Indeed, setting up a GMB requires time and graphics skills to add and resize pretty visuals. But also all of the configuration of your company’s Google My Business account . In addition, it is fundamental to mention the crucial criteria and therefore notions of referencing and web marketing are essential for the good edition of your Google Business Pro identity card . So if you want support in setting up your Google My Business Page . And if you want a free audit of your web visibility, please fill out the form below:

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