Concretely, in Terms of Musical Styles, There Is Something for Everyone:

from classic hip-hop to classical music, country music or sound poetry, you will have a choice. If its library is so dense, it is also thanks to the large number of its contributors: labels, radio stations, festivals, artists’ collective, etc. His little extra tip : according to the site’s slogan “It’s not just free music; it’s good music ”, the music on this site is of good quality, carefully selected. FACEBOOK: FOR YOUR VIDEOS TO FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM Azerbaijan Mobile Phone Numbers Another fast and free music download site : Facebook! Yes, the social network also has its own sound bank! If you want to make a video for Facebook or Instagram , then look no further.

You will find around 1000 royalty-free music on Facebook’s free sound bank. The different musics have been acquired by the social network, so you can use them as you see fit without any restrictions. To access it: go to your Creator Studio on Facebook and click on the “sound bank” tab. Use Facebook creator studio to add music to your videos on Facebook or Instagram social networks His little extra tip : this site will be perfect for beginners or influencers who want to quickly and easily create content for social networks .


Last (but not the least) royalty free music site on our list: Soundcloud ! While listening is free and accessible to everyone on this site, the same is not necessarily true for commercial use. You can use Soundcloud to find original free music! Here’s how to easily access royalty-free music: go to the home page of the Soundcloud platform then type the keyword that interests you in the search bar (eg: “pop”). Then click on the “titles” tab. All you have to do is filter the results using the “to listen” sub-tab. It’s up to you to select the filters ” to modify for commercial purposes ” or ” to use for commercial purposes ” according to your needs. His little extra tip : the site contains many pieces created by independent artists that you won’t find anywhere else.

To conclude : You are sure to find what you are looking for among the 5 best royalty free music sites that we have selected for you. These trusted sites will allow you to find the music (or even the sound effect) that will suit your needs without having to shell out a dime! It has never been easier to make a video. Need help managing your website, running your social networks or training in digital? Please do not hesitate to contact us .

Important! By Creating Your Template and Your Visuals

stay true to your graphic charter so that your reader will recognize you directly . Thus, keep the same typography, the same colors and the same atmosphere that you have chosen for your site and your other communication media. MailChimp: a simple newsletter tool Creating a newsletter with MailChimp is easy. Thanks to its “drag & drop” system , MailChimp allows you to insert your visuals and texts quickly and simply. You just have to insert the block of your choice, integrate your image or copy / paste your text and you’re done! MailChimp gives you the choice.

For example, you can choose between four different blocks to integrate an image: solo, accompanied by a caption, in a group or with a specific layout such as a frame for example. creating an original mailchimp newsletter is easy and simple Remember, your recipient will only spend a little time on your message, so keep it simple and short ! Don’t write too many texts, all the details are on your site. You just have to make your client / prospect want to visit your site to get more information or take advantage of your offer. The newsletter is just a stepping stone to your website .

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