Content creation and voice assistants: should we adapt them?

The question of content is essential to a good digital marketing strategy. But when is it for voice assistants. Content creation and voice assistants are at the heart of the digital transformation debate today. Indeed, the voice assistant market is booming and today weighs nearly 88.95 million euros. Moreover, today the voice assistants are now a very important weight with almost a billion searches in 2018, making it now the 4 th channel search. But should we create specific content for voice assistants? But does creating specific content for voice Rwanda Email List assistants make sense? Content creation and voice assistants are certainly a strategy to be implemented in a multi-channel approach, but is it a real added value?

Therefore, we can ask ourselves if content creation should adapt to voice assistants? And above all how is it possible to do it? Why do content marketing even for voice assistants? Today, doing content marketing is essential to a digital marketing strategy, regardless of the medium. Setting up a content marketing strategy is based on several principles which are: Based on an editorial strategy evoking your environment but also that of your targets. Paying attention to the interests of personas is also very important. For example, through this blog you will find articles evoking certain subjects that we do not deal with directly but which impact the daily lives of our customers.

Positioning on the web and thus conquering digital market share

Because yes, your SEO will always be an important foothold if you want to acquire more leads. Compared to the amount of research that already exists and that make this young channel 4 th most used. The estimated sales estimate by 2022. Indeed, sales related to voice systems should reach 40 billion against 2 billion currently. What is commonly called today the V-Commerce market is booming and will only grow, as the web may have known when it was launched. Other figures are important for already putting a content marketing strategy around voice assistants which are that: 19% of French people already use voice search 50% of searches according to Google will be done via voice 28% of users call a business after a voice search

Therefore if we follow a statistical scheme, all these figures will increase and will therefore leave an even more important place for the vocal. Positioning yourself on this acquisition lever is therefore essential today whether you are in B2C or B2B. How to create specific content for voice assistants? Should we create specific texts for voice assistants? If this is the case, creating specific content for voice assistants responds to certain aspects specific to our speech. Indeed, if you want to create specific content for voice assistants you will need to: Structure your text so that it answers a question or an oral request. Often, voice searches correspond to types of questions such as: “What is …” and not “The 7 criteria for success …”.

Voice search is identical to our structuring of thinking

Which seems logical but which must be applied to this type of research. Therefore, use long tail , so that your requests are correctly captured by search engines. Obviously your content and your site must be responsive because voice search is most often based on your tablets and smartphones. Localized research, particularly in B2C, is extremely important. But should you only aim for this type of research? Well, I would say no, although voice searches are more and more popular, written web search dominates and will dominate in the future. So adapting this content for voice search is not a necessity but there is always a placement and market share gained.

Content creation and voice assistants: an inevitable marriage? As voice assistants are increasingly present on the market and being used more and more, the issue of content is therefore a strategic issue. Indeed, the real question is whether to adapt or create specific content. Because yes, today many of you already have content often adapted for a purely web use. If not, ask yourself about your SEO strategy. Content creation and voice assistants respond, as we have seen, to many specificities. The most important in my opinion is the profitability of this type of action despite the possibilities of this market. Indeed, even if this market today weighs nearly 89 million euros in France, only 20% uses this channel.

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