Conversational agent and customer experience are they compatible?

For some time now, we’ve been hearing more and more about chatbots, but even more about chatbots. Conversational agent and customer experience are on the minds of many today. These improved chatbots capable of speaking with you are one of the strategic challenges of tomorrow’s customer relations. In an increasingly digital world, there is a real need to master and offer good customer relations. The relationship between conversational agent and customer experience therefore becomes a strategic issue. Indeed, the customer Romania Email List relationship needs to be fluidized as much as possible to obtain total customer satisfaction.

Whether for prospecting, lead management or for after-sales service, a conversational agent can make this possible. So let’s see together if the conversational agent and customer experience are compatible for improving customer satisfaction. The advantages of a conversational agent What are the advantages of a conversational agent compared to a more traditional chatbot? Well, as the name suggests the big difference of this tool is the fact that it can interact with you. Chatbots are made up of both artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language (NLP). This new technology enables many things such as: Reception of incoming calls 24/7 Identify requests and treaties for simple requests.

For the more complicated, the goal is to send them to a specialized technical advisor

Make your advisors less workload. Which means better and less redundant work Reduce lead times and exchanges between a brand and its customers Bring up recurring problems on a product or service In short, a conversational agent has many possibilities for improving customer relations. However, it should be remembered that this is only a tool. A conversational agent just like a chatbot cannot function without human support. Indeed, a conversational agent cannot handle all the requests and even if it could, a team in charge of this agent would be needed. In addition, this would go against the meaning of current consumer principles aimed at giving back a place to the human being in the customer relationship.

Conversational agent and customer experience: an inevitable marriage Conversational agent and customer experience are today two terms that must be used to improve customer satisfaction. When we talk about conversation agent and customer experience, there is a reality around changes in consumption patterns. Today what is sought by consumers, whether B2B or B2C, is speed of exchanges. Since the advent of the web, our desire to have everything precisely and quickly is inherent in our lives. Businesses today have no other choice but to comply with market trends.

Otherwise, the consequences could be disastrous for your business

Failure to live up to customer expectations in the digital age can affect your reputation. And who says bad reputation, says loss of leads and fall in sales. Therefore, we can affirm that conversational agent and customer experience are today more and more essential in your customer satisfaction strategy. If you liked this article, see our page dedicated to the customer experience or read our article on the 5 key steps of social selling . Do you want to be supported in your process of increasing your leads ? We invite you to contact our teams for more information.

Only the result will count as well as the return on investment you made From a non-financial point of view, a human can make about 90 prospecting calls and receive 30 to 40 calls for a technician to get the job done right. In short, the human cost depending on your types of campaigns can be higher if you internalize it. In addition, productivity can fail you in the event of a recruitment error. So opting for an outsourced service can be profitable for you whether for short or long actions.

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