The percentage of users who fill out a form on your site and become. A lead by means of any number of best practices and tactics. I used to work at an ophthalmology magazine publishing company. As the content specialist, I wrote and published articles for the website, however, there was lots of pressure from the higher ups every month to hit certain page view goals. Good conversion rates vary. They are not standard, and can depend on so many factors like industry offer.

There Was No Concern About Anything Other Than Page Views

Every now and then, they’d want to know about pages per session numbers. But that was the extent. At the time, I’d come up with whatever. I could to put together click-baity articles and slideshows galore Jordan Phone Number to try to get more page views for a single article. I was even encouraged to paginate articles so that a single article would count for multiple page views. The goal was always to get more traffic. Period. It didn’t matter whether it was qualified traffic or not, or what those users did once they landed on the site.

Looking Back the Content Was Not Focused on the Readers

It was focused on page views. Page view metrics didn’t reflect the bottom line of the business, and they certainly didn’t show whether content was actually helping people make an educated buying decision.The Ultimate Inbound Marketing Strategy Playbook 2022. Business EmailAnd audience while also possibly being skewed by how many people actually view the page. Subscribe to THE LATEST! Our weekly insights, tips, and best practices. We’re committed to your privacy. IMPACT uses the information you provide.


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