Coronavirus business aid: subsidy for VSEs & SMEs

Since Friday, May 15, the Assurance Maladie – Risques Professionnels has set up a subsidy to help businesses prevent Covid-19 in small businesses. This coronavirus business aid has several criteria including, among other things, being a business with less than 50 employees. Note that this coronavirus subsidy also concerns self-employed workers. This Montenegro Email List state subsidy ensures that it participates in the financing of purchases or the rental of equipment dedicated to the protection of employees at their place of work and of customers (if shop reception).

At a time when bars and restaurants have reopened their doors, it is essential to be equipped to fight against the spread. Also, unlike certain aids, this subsidy can be combined with the loan guaranteed by the BPI & the State: the famous Public Investment Bank cash loan. And it can also be combined with the partial unemployment measure and aid from the solidarity fund. What does this Covid grant cover? 2 levels of products in the special Coronavirus State aid The 1st: Measure for social distancing & the necessary equipment Tools & materials necessary for guiding your business space and helping to respect the social distancing of customers & employees.

We will therefore find here everything relating to guideposts

But also queue guides, stop waiting, or cords. And the straps needed to complete your course in the room are also eligible. Tools & materials to isolate the various workstations in the company but also your reception for customers. Here we will have plexiglass walls or dividing walls. But still tarpaulins. This measure aims to ensure that social distancing is respected as much as possible between your employees and your customers. Finally all the print and visual communication measures to participate in COVID prevention . Please note, single-use materials are not accepted (tape, ribbons, cord, pencils, flipchart paper, etc.). Conditions & materials not eligible for prevention aid To conclude this section, we draw your attention to a major element.

Visors, or protective masks or even hydroalcoholic gel are reimbursed under certain conditions. Indeed, it is imperative that the company applying for the subsidy has also invested in, at least, one of the social distancing measures and barriers to Covid (see list above). Please note, like all single-use equipment, plastic gloves and anti-bacterial cleaning wipes are not eligible for the coronavirus subsidy. The second category level: Cleaning & hygiene measures All so-called permanent hand washing facilities. But also temporary installations and supplements on the premises of the company.

This goes from toilets, to sinks including also showers

Discover the entire text of the Covid-19 Grant on Download the TPE prevention subsidy application form here for companies with less than 50 employees Download “Application for a TPE prevention subsidy” times – 135 KB How to benefit from coronavirus business aid? What are the eligibility criteria for this grant? For companies with less than 50 employees, including self-employed workers affiliated to the social security scheme (general scheme) can claim the “ covid-19 subsidy ”., To be eligible, you must: invest at least 1000 € HT for companies / 500 € HT for the self-employed. Obviously, purchases must be justified by invoice. And this between March 14, 2020 and July 31, 2020.

Please note that your company risk prevention document is also requested to be updated . So you have to have it set up beforehand or put it in place quickly to be eligible. In this case, the amount of the Covid subsidy is 50% of your invoiced investments AND up to € 5,000 excluding tax for the two categories at most. The complete file should be sent in full, preferably by email to your regional mutual. If you want to know your fund, consult the list by region. The subsidy will be paid in one go by the regional fund. The payment will of course be made after checking the administrative and accounting documents in your file. Note that the request must be sent no later than December 31, 2020.

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