Create a Newsletter With Mailchimp: the Tutorial You Need!

MailChimp what is it? It is THE emailing platform par excellence. In 2019, around 11 million active users used MailChimp for their communication. Easy to use and ergonomic , MailChimp is your ideal ally to stay in touch with customers and prospects. The platform offers great creative possibilities and allows you to create creative, simple, original Armenia Cell Phone Numbers List content in your image . Jadéclo, your web agency explains today how to create a newsletter with MailChimp efficiently and in a short time! By following our advice you will become the king of the newsletter: MailChimp is the tool you need to include in your habits to communicate effectively!

YOUR MARKETING NEWSLETTER WITH MAILCHIMP: THE STEPS! An editorial calendar you will establish Before you rush to the platform, you need to establish a precise editorial calendar . Attention, in order to create an effective calendar, you must take into account the news relating to your activity as well as the seasonality such as the important events of the year such as Christmas, Easter or the school holidays. Do not hesitate to brainstorm with your colleagues and collect your ideas: all suggestions are good to take to find


make a plan before creating a newsletter with MailChimp Once you have your schedule established, you can move on and start thinking about content for your next newsletter. A structured plan you will build Make a plan to categorize your ideas and put each piece of information in order: most important first. Remember that your client / prospect surely receives several dozen emails per day and does not spend more than 10 seconds on each of them! So you had better be creative to make them want to stay and especially to click ! Attractive visuals you will create To spice up your newsletter, use beautiful images, strong visuals that will get your message across effectively .

At Jadéclo, we particularly appreciate the free image banks like Unsplash or Pixabay , but we tell you more about it here . If your visual identity is strong then you may need strong images to represent your message. Then go to Canva , to turn a simple photo into an eye-catching visual. Canva will be your best friend when it comes to creating free and graphical visuals the easy way.


Make way for the imagination! Once the theme of your newsletter has been chosen, it’s time to go to MailChimp and start laying it out. After creating a new campaign , you will be able to create your own template. Imagine a template that matches your image and your message. MailChimp offers you predefined themes and templates but feel free to create and customize your own as you wish. The site interface is ideal for creating a newsletter with MailChimp When customizing your template, don’t forget to include a header and a footer . These two elements are essential for the correct layout of your newsletter . They contain essential information that your reader should know and find easily.

This is where, by reflex, the reader will go to find important information about your company : logo, address, phone number, link to your site, etc. The header : it facilitates the identification of your brand. It obviously contains your logo and the name of your brand and is in the colors of your graphic charter to set the tone directly. The footer : it is the final and essential element of your email. It contains key information that allows your reader to find you on other channels (website, social networks, address or phone number). The Jadéclo Council :

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