Creating A Business Card: What To Know

If you are told that it is important to have a business card, you must surely be saying to yourself “But what good is it, we are in 2021, everything is digital now!” “Certainly, but this does not mean that the business card is“ old-fashioned ”, as many might think, even in 2021! Moreover, it remains an essential tool for professionals . Before being a simple paper, the business card is a well-established professional practice, which guarantees your seriousness Germany Phone Number List and your professionalism. In this article, Jadéclo has gathered all the essential information to know for the creation of your business card.

BUSINESS CARD CREATION: THE ESSENTIALS TO INCLUDE The objective of this format is to leave a trace of your company to your (future) employee, client or prospect, so that they can easily contact you. It is therefore necessary to sort and select the most relevant information for your recipient. As the saying goes, “too much information kills information”. Especially since the format of a business card is generally small, so get to the point ! Here is the information that must absolutely appear on a business card: Your company name Your first and last name Your job Your contact details: phone, email Your logo (if you have one) Namely: a logo is the identity of your company.

Thanks to it, it is possible to recognize you in the blink of an eye!

If you do not have a logo, you can dress your business card by inserting a photograph taken by you, or a pictogram representing your sector of activity, for example. Otherwise, it’s never too late to create one! Your nice graphics agency is there to help you create your visual identity. Even if a business card is governed by established codes, nothing prevents you from putting yourself in the air. Technology allows us to link a simple paper to digital thanks to QR codes , so take advantage and create a business card 2.0 ! The presence of a QR code even turns out to be an asset , since you will have the opportunity to communicate more elements, without overloading your card.

This QR code can redirect your contact to your website, your portfolio or your LinkedIn profile, the choice is yours. CREATE YOUR BUSINESS CARD ACCORDING TO THE RULES OF THE ART The key word: visual consistency A business card participates in the image that you are going to leave to your recipient. It is therefore important to take care of your appearance . If you are not a graphic design pro, don’t panic, Jadéclo is here to remind you of the graphic codes to respect to create the ideal business card! First of all, it is important to respect the visual identity of your company .

This will make it easier to recognize you

Thus, reuse the same colors as your logo in order to keep the graphic charter that you have assigned to your company. In the event that you do not have a logo, choose colors related to your field of activity. For example, if you work in the healthcare industry, consider using a color associated with that setting, such as red. This makes it possible to maintain overall consistency. Colors are not the only parameter to choose carefully. The police also have a role to play in the creation of a business card. Choose a font that is readable and consistent with your business.

Regarding the size of it, make sure that it is not disproportionate to the other elements present. Pay attention to details When choosing the size of your card, it is best to stick to the classic format of a business card. Indeed, if you choose too large one, it might not fit in a wallet and get lost quickly. So favor the traditional format which is 85mm x 54mm . However, the size of a business card can also help you stand out from your competition. Thus, other formats are available for printing, but keep in mind that your card must be stored easily. You can therefore turn to a square card of 70mm x 70mm or 55mm x 55mm, or a small card of 70mm x 28mm. If you practice in a creative environment, the format can also be a way to show off your creativity.

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