Creative Agency For Your Business Communication

First of all, Extern’Market is a creative communication agency for all communication media. In fact, working with our team will allow you to respond to your marketing needs as quickly as possible . But also commercial development … Why call on a creative agency for your communication ? First of all, let’s take a look at 3 good reasons to use a creative communication agency for your communication or marketing strategy. 1 – Integrate marketing 3.0 into your communication strategy What is Marketing 3.0? In addition, digital marketing is constantly Micronesia Email List evolving. And web experts will be able to support you in the transition from 2.0 (sell your products or services at any cost) to 3.0 marketing (a more human web and environment geared towards sharing). So more ultra-specialized and specific creative marketing .

2 – Adopt an original and differentiated communication strategy from your competition Then benchmarking is one of the essential variables in global marketing to know and measure the practices of your competitors. But it is fundamental to adopt and give a real imprint to your communication with a creative agency . This is why having “eyes” external to your company can pay off in order to position yourself differently and from another angle. 3 – Set up an effective content marketing strategy sought after by your customers and prospects Content marketing to have an effective content strategy In this regard, the main objective is to obtain qualified leads and projects. So it is necessary to offer specific marketing content.

This is why content marketing will serve as a springboard

To specific marketing content sought by your customers. Fields of action & skills of our marketing & web services Call on a professional web designer to create your visuals Use a web developer to design your website Do you want to hire a communication agency specializing in writing and creating content to bring your website to life? Visual identity Web development Content creation Community management is a new profession which requires very specific techniques and tools. Generally this is a function that is outsourced in the company Security being the fundamental issue in the years to come, our communication agency will support you in the maintenance of your website A need to train in new digital marketing techniques and tools 3.0 Social Media Maintenance & Safety Trades training

To summarize, using a communication agency specializing in outsourcing web & marketing needs remains an advantage for the functioning of your internal organization. Indeed, we adapt directly to your organization, software solutions and action planning. Second, you have full control over your operating budget . Indeed, to increase the visibility of your stores on search engines, the store locator on your website allows customers to find your nearest points of sale in one click. And other information such as opening hours, products sold, …

Then, the couponing and private promotions: after a visit to the store

the customer receives by text or email gift vouchers or discounts to be used on their next in-store purchase. etc … 10% of retail trade versus 21% in the UK In conclusion, having an online store in addition to its retail store is a winning combination for TPE & PME Français. Recall that according to FEVAD , E-commerce in France represents 10% of retail sales while in the United Kingdom the figure is 21% and 18% for Germany. As you will have understood, you have every interest in opting for a cross-channel strategy (cross-channel: customer experience that combines several channels to make a purchase).

And for that, you need a store to extend digital. And digital to enhance the real, with teams of digital professionals to help you make the link between the two. French SMEs and traditional businesses must learn from these figures and with the help of experts put in place a digital transition by integrating a communication strategy on the web but also on social media. Make way for social selling with online commerce via social network by offering several payment solutions and an optimal customer experience. Indeed, the user experience must be facilitated thanks to new features and optimal ergonomics of your online store . The e-commerce is thought and planning.

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