Learn how to use a pantone guide for your prints with practical advice from kris osorio, director and founder of the bitún de mantequilla workshop. The pantone guide is one of the most important printing tools, helping to ensure that the colors in your designs stay true to the materials you have chosen to bring your ideas to life. Kris osorio betundemantequilla , director and founder of the bitún de mantequilla printing workshop, teaches us practical tips in this tutorial that will help you read this guide and get the most out of it.

Find out in the video below basic tips for using a pantone guide for printing 1. How After that, to locate yourself within the guide one of the first steps you have to take into. Account is knowing how to locate the basic shades in the pantone guide.


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In the first 5 sheets of the guide you will find the photo background removing base shades from which practically all the others are derived base colors pastels neons metallics After that, tutorial design how to use a pantone guide for printing 4 the first pantone colors are the basis for creating all inks. If for some reason you have trouble finding. The shade you are looking for, you can refer to the index at the end of the guide, which includes pantone key, sheet number and column in which they are located.

Tutorial design how to use a pantone guide for. Printing 6 the pantone guide has an index that you can consult. 2. When the color is not exact there are times when, even when the. Corresponding percentages of ink are mixed, the color you are looking for does not match the color of the print you are looking for.

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For those cases, it is recommended that shades be AOB Directory mixed little by little until they look exactly the same to the eye. In the same way, it is recommended that when you want to match. An ink with a color of paper, you take a sample of that material to. Be able to match the colors manually. This way you will be sure that you. Will get the print color you are looking for. Tutorial design how to use a pantone guide. For printing 8 when you print, always bring a sample of the paper to make. Sure the shade you choose is correct.

The best space to use it to ensure that the pantone. Guide serves you properly as a visual reference for your prints, always. Try to use it in spaces with abundant but not too. Intense natural lighting avoid midday light and environments with artificial light. Tutorial design how to use a pantone guide for printing 10 use the guide in welllit spaces.

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