Avoid addressing only trends and focus on what is already proven it is clear that having a brand tuned to the news and attentive to what happens in the market is good. This also helps to reinforce authority and generate traffic. But. As these contents have an expiration date. When the public’s interest in these news cools. They stop bringing results. The key. Therefore. Is to share content with already proven and consolidated information. Which will hardly be refuted or replaced in the future. That way. Your material will stay relevant for longer. 3. Create an internal linking strategy since evergreen content has the ability to attract a lot of visitors. It can become a gateway to other materials and pages for your brand. That is. This is a great opportunity for you to build a link building strategy . Throughout a perennial text.

You can insert links in strategic terms directing visitors to other pages of your blog or website. This helps keep the user on your site longer. Shows that you have other informative and relevant content. And guides visitors through the brand’s sales funnel. In addition. Using internal links helps google index other pages on your site. Something that can help with seo and. Consequently. Positioning in search results. 4. Use friendly urls it seems like an unimportant detail. But it makes all the difference: perennial content needs short. Memorable urls to be easily shared by people. Let’s suppose that you decided to write a text about digital products. The title chosen is “what is and how to create a digital product”. When defining a url for this post. The ideal is to avoid something likeand prefer a shorter and more direct url.

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As in addition to being a ranking factor on google. This increases the chances that visitors will remember the url and share your page with others. 5. Insert a good cta Hungary phone number at the end if evergreen content attracts a lot of visits. Nothing better than taking advantage of this opportunity to generate leads . In addition to inserting quality internal links to direct readers to other content on your website or blog. Finish the text by offering rich material that complements the subject of the post. Such as ebooks. Videos. Infographics. Etc. And to ensure that most visitors access this material. Invest in a call to action (cta) that is very attractive. 6. Keep the content up to date while perennial texts have a longer shelf life. That doesn’t mean they don’t need to be updated every now and then. It may be that after a few months or a year.

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Some specific information in the evergreen content becomes out of date. And as the intention is that this text has a longer period of validity and serves as a reference. It needs to bring current data. This does not mean that it is necessary to write the entire content from scratch whenever new information comes up. Just changing the necessary data and snippets is more than enough. And don’t forget to change the date of the post and signal that it has been updated. That way. Readers will know when the change took place. Conclusion it doesn’t matter what niche market you work in. To position your business as a reference and gain authority on the internet. You need to show that your brand understands what you are talking about. Therefore. Including the production of perennial materials in your marketing strategy is essential.

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In addition to having a longer shelf life. They still help to generate more traffic and qualify your business leads. But evergreen content isn’t the only secret to a blog’s success. Want to stay on top of exclusive tips to position your page on google. Strengthen your authority and generate profit with a blog? So tap on the image below and download our complete guide on the subject.what is app store optimization (aso)? Learn to make your app stand out in the app stores app store optimization techniques can give your app more prominence in the app stores. Learn how to do aso! 05/20/2022 by hotmart reading time 7 min facebook twitter linkedin whatsapp app store open on a smartphone with a magnifying glass enlarging the search bar – app store optimization the rise of mobile apps is inevitable.

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