Digital Advertising: The 6 Trends That Will Mark 2021


Between augmented reality, artificial intelligence and ultra-personalization, here is a summary of the digital advertising trends to keep an eye out for in 2021 While one might have believed in the tragic repercussions of the 2020 health crisis on the advertising sector, it seems to have carved out a place for itself in this unprecedented context. With Uganda WhatsApp Number List a remarkable increase in Internet use and social media traffic during the pandemic, digital advertising has continued to grow and today constitutes 55.2% of French investments (MAGNA, December 2020).


This phenomenon is already creating new opportunities for brands, which can develop through increasingly rich advertising tools. At the dawn of a new year, here are 6 digital advertising trends that stand out as the keys to success in 2021.

The 6 Digital Advertising Trends In 2021

Reinvent yourself with Google Ads
Google Ads is full of delivery formats and networks that provide opportunities for advertisers to get creative with their advertising campaigns. In 2021, think outside the box and make your brand shine by highlighting a category of your products thanks to the Showcase Shopping format , discover your universe and generate traffic thanks to the image carousels of Gallery Ads , or even distribute Optimized ads on Youtube, Gmail and the Google app thanks to a single Discovery campaign .

Google Discovery Ads

User experience & SEO
Announced by Google in May 2020, the Core Web Vitals will be taken into account by the ranking algorithms one year later, in May 2021. These 3 new UX indicators complete the Page Experience , namely all the signals that characterize the interaction of an Internet user with a web page. From now on, we will have to pay extra attention to the speed of page loading, their interactivity and their visual stability to find a place in the top of the search results. This update is in line with the growing importance of the user experience on the Internet, which will have to be capitalized on in 2021.

Digital Automation

In a digital landscape saturated with content, consumers have developed a legitimate demand for brands: that of content that corresponds to them, that meets their real needs. To deliver the right message to the right person , brands are increasingly relying on digital automation . Whether it’s programmatic display , e-mailing or search engine advertising , automation saves time and resources to focus on the strategic part of your campaigns, while delivering highly relevant content to your audiences.

Augmented reality
Long discussed as a futuristic concept, augmented reality has gradually integrated into our daily lives, in particular through filters on Snapchat, Instagram or Messenger. More than a way for users to take pretty snapshots, it stands out as a royal road to promote a product and a brand universe in a creative, innovative and immersive way . A winning combo for brands that want to reach young audiences by allowing them to no longer be spectators, but actors in advertising .


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