Digital And Creativity: The Winning Combo!

Digital is complex and powerful. Combined with great creativity, it can propel any business to the fore. DIGITAL MARKETING: THAT LITTLE EXTRA THING … Today, the web allows us to target our prospects like never before . Do you want to reach young people? Go to Twitch or Snapchat! Do you need to reach the Asian market ? You cannot count without WeChat or sales platforms such as Alibaba or AliExpress! In B2B and B2C, there is no Indonesia Phone Number List need for mass media slaughter as in the past, with enormous financial barriers to entry. Barely 10 years ago, communication remained the prerogative of large groups! But it’s over.

Everyone has their chance, regardless of their size. Digital marketing can be a good lever if you are creative However, who says more accessibility, also says more competition. Anyone can boost a Facebook post with $ 10. The platform has simplified the process so much that anyone can do it with a simple credit card. Sure, the targeting and returns will be worth what they’re worth, but it’s possible! If this has enabled some to succeed with little means, El Dorado is now over. If you want to stand out: you have to be creative ! Digital and creativity: this is therefore the winning combo today.


Free tools can be very profitable Before, it was “enough” to have large means to be seen. Today, if it is creative, a company with few resources can be a hundred times more “profitable” than any large group in its communication , with the free tools at its disposal! But what do we mean here by creativity? It’s not about just having the idea of ​​the century, not going viral who wants to , although of course pretty stories still happen. To achieve this, you need a clever mix between the analysis of your target , the media that you will select and the creativity of the communication that will be made. So you can, with a pinch of nerve, a zest of imagination and a good dose of knowledge of your marketrun campaigns that will thwart all expected statistics.

To support our point, here is a sobering example: This is one of the famous communications blows of the company Michel & Augustin , the name of which is certainly not unknown to you. If you don’t know their story and that of Starbucks, you’re missing out! Two employees of the brand left by filming themselves on social networks with the aim of obtaining an appointment with one of the Starbucks managers in the USA and arriving without warning.

With the support of their fans, their trip has gone viral and the American brand

Has therefore decided to play along and receive these crazy Frenchies! Result: go to any Starbucks you will find a panel of products of the brand of our favorite troublemakers. To conclude : We bring about results, thanks to methodical work, which combines digital and creativity . Do not be naive to believe that those who are successful with creative concepts have simply “been lucky”. Behind, hides a very good knowledge of their market, a stringent communication as well as a sacred dose of work. But all of this makes it possible to achieve exceptional ROIs. Digital, creativity and a touch of daring, here is the perfect recipe in our opinion to propel your business! So what are you waiting for to get started?

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