Digital Marketing 2020: Reminders & Trends


What is digital marketing? First, our web consultants of our digital marketing agency present their best wishes for 2020. And yes, we’ll save you the resolutions but to present the trends in 2020 of digital marketing . But before moving from 2019 trends to 2020 trends , a few reminders and definitions. First of all, digital marketing is also called web Niger Email List marketing or digital marketing . In addition, it corresponds to all Internet marketing methods and practices. In other words, such as online communication, e-commerce optimization, traffic creation. So we will be talking about specific terms such as inbound marketing ,

marketing automation or even content marketing . The mobile marketing is a detached component but remains one of its variables. And the same goes for the development of a mobile application . What are the digital marketing trends for 2020? So the digital marketing trends 2020 will be technological (of course…). Indeed, we will be talking about artificial intelligence , the evolution of 5G. But as the machine learning to function in your web project . 5G offers new perspectives for digital marketing 5G offers new possibilities for digital marketing in 2020 TREND 1: IMPACT OF 5G ON MARKETERS AND ADVERTISERS The faster than expected development of 5G with significant progress towards the end of 2020 will open up new opportunities for advertisers.

Like for example better sound and interactive experiences

new streaming formats, higher definition. TREND 2: CONSOLIDATION OF DIGITAL MEDIA Media & digital marketing consolidation will continue among players big and small. Then, the web giants Facebook, Amazon and Google will reign supreme, winning nearly 70% of digital advertising spending in the United States in 2020. As these ad giants continue to grow, smaller ad tech players are coming together and refining their database, technology and solutions. By coming together, they help improve one of the biggest advertising technology challenges that the advertising giants have failed to address. And those challenges are the fragmentation of data across channels and the development of business links.

TREND 3: AUDIO ADVERTISING With the arrival of 5G allowing the transmission of information in real time. Then the appearance of a new generation of chatbot and the development of voice assistants, the audio advertising market will be much closer to the rest of the digital market. And of course the prospect of voice search will be one of the new trends to come. TREND 4: IMPACT OF NEW CONFIDENTIALITY LAWS ON MEDIA BUDGETS The new rules for data confidentiality and the appearance in browsers of many modules limit access to certain data. And of course that makes it difficult for marketers to target and analyze performance. So to mitigate this impact, advertisers are investing even more in advertising with GAFA (Facebook, Google and Amazon).


In the United States, the media space focuses on radically different positions and subjects, completely separating the left and the right along a horizontal political axis. In other words, it means that a polarization of the American media space is developing in the traditional media space. On the other hand, in France the polarization is done on a vertical axis by opposing the traditional media to those which one could consider as “anti-elite”. Also the great influence of social networks on the traditional media space, the increase in the audience of new media (like Russia Today, Sputnik, etc.)

are notable changes that can have an impact on the “Core” media ( major newspapers, websites, radio and television stations) as has been found in the United States. Consequences of the new rules on the protection of digital data New data privacy laws and technologies make it harder for digital marketers IMPACT 6: IMPACT OF THE STREAMING INFLUENCE Here, the influx of Streaming services will further divide the digital video audience. Of course this will force marketers to review their strategy to achieve their Reach or “reach” ( number of people a post can reach ). IMPACT 7: HELP FROM RAAS The RaaS platforms (Retail as a Service) will help brands and retail businesses to evolve while limiting their exposure to Amazon.

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