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Digital marketing agency since 2006 So if you want to develop your digital marketing strategy with web marketing experts. Or if you are simply looking for a digital marketing agency to support you in your digital strategy ? Extern’Market is a digital agency specializing in the outsourcing of web marketing needs . The story begins in 2005 in Paris 12th district near Nation. Currently located in Paris, Nîmes & Montpellier, we operate remotely with a project Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands Email List monitoring meeting. How about talking about your web projects? To establish the audit of your website & marketing strategy, take the plunge and talk to one of our experts by completing the form below:

All you have to do is encourage Internet users to leave a comment with your hashtag created specifically for the occasion if they want to have a chance to win the gift. While maintaining control over your image and the message disclosed, using these contests on Instagram helps develop the engagement of your community and increase your visibility. You can also ask the user to create their own content related to the proposed theme. Then, the competitor publishes a photo on his Instagram account with the hashtag dedicated to the competition, or by identifying your brand.

This popular gameplay mechanic that uses user-generated content

Requires engagement from your community. Indeed, this allows you to identify ambassadors who are enthusiastic and committed to your brand. The organized competitionby Balzac Paris is a great example of user-generated content. From its “Vousenbalzacparis” account, the brand encourages its customers to share a photo on their own Instagram account with a brand product. So the most liked photo wins the voucher. Then think about linking your marketing tools in your digital strategy Also in strong trend: encourage your community to like your page.

This will increase your like count or follower count . The challenge: a way to make yourself known from a new angle The rules of the game are simple: to have a chance of winning the contest, the Internet user must take up the challenge you have launched. Fun and playful, this Instagram contest idea will be a winning strategy as long as the user feels challenged. You will therefore have to launch a challenge that is not too difficult to meet so as not to discourage him, but which is not too simple either because he might not perceive his interest in participating. An attractive gain can only be an additional argument to make the follower want to try his luck. Of course,

For example, you can imagine slipping some clues on your Instagram account

Even on your other social networks. Inviting him to get help can encourage him to share your game as a story and therefore increase its distribution … Present your business differently & promote your brand This example game helps present a new side of your business to your community. But also to enhance your brand image. Under these conditions, adopting a puzzle game on a regular basis can be a great way to increase the engagement rate.

you will need to explain clearly and transparently the necessary conditions that the competitor must meet to hope to win the award. And above all, don’t let him down: be responsive and guide him to the answer to your riddle. Note, however, that this type of game requires significant moderation of comments. It is therefore to be favored for companies with a developed and solid community management strategy. Organize a treasure hunt between your website and your social networks First of all, distribute and hide elements within your different acquisition channels: website, social networks , newsletter…

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