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Getting your law firm to have France Phone number a sustainable position. Thus, online may take months, if not years. It is a huge and expensive task that demands both a long-term. Commitment and ongoing work indefinitely.  Therefore, a regular audit of your digital assets can be invaluable for gauging your online. Thus, potential and room for France Phone Number improvement. As well as to identify any missed opportunities.

The Main Components of a France Phone Number Digital Assets Audit

While I could cover many topics in a digital France Phone Number assets audit. Thus, we have identified several core areas of focus to determine. The digital strengths and weaknesses of each law firm. We address the following questions in our comprehensive law firm digital assets audits. Digital Marketing Strategy. Do you have a digital marketing strategy? Thus, Is your existing digital marketing strategy still relevant? How long are people staying on the site? Are the page layouts easy to navigate? Plus, Is your website set up to properly track conversions. Thus, including contact form submissions, clicks-to-email, and clicks-to-call? Such as reach, engagement, audience growth, link clicks, and more? Are your France Phone Number social media channels integrated with the rest of your marketing assets (including making them accessible from your website, listing them in your offline materials, and ensuring your social networks have links back to your website)?

Consistent France Phone Number Branding

Is your logo the same font France Phone Number, color, and resolution across. Thus, all of your digital assets? What is the organic and paid exposure of your law firm across all digital channels? What SEO value does your website possess (including crawl ability, page speed, number of indexed pages, mobile-friendliness, broken links, backlinks, interlinks, image alt-text, meta-descriptions, and website imagery and media, among others)? How well do you rank organically for your target keyword phrases (and which phrases are these)? How are your competitors ranking in comparison? Are you running paid search advertising? Do you have a social media marketing France Phone Number strategy? Has inbound traffic from social sites to your website increased over time? Is your social presence generating engagement? How are your social media channels performing with certain key performance indicators.

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