Digital Marketing In China: Keys To The Internationalization Of Companies

For most Western brands, selling in China was an unattainable dream just a few years ago. Today, the situation has changed and the Chinese market is full of opportunities for foreign companies . This is the ideal time to prepare a solid internationalization plan and land on the Asian market with a digital marketing strategy in China that allows to compete, under the same conditions, with national companies. China, a constantly growing online market With sustained growth in consumption, both in cities and in rural areas, China is the Nigeria WhatsApp Number List promised land for retail businesses. According to data for October 2019 collected by the Government of China’s National Statistics Office , retail goods sales rose 7.2 percent in that month on a year-over-year basis .

Behavior in line with the increases in transactions typical of the past two years, as shown in this graph: Evolution of las ventas del retail in China 2018-2019 Evolution of monthly sales growth in the retail sector in China from March 2018 to October 2019 If we only focus on online sales in the retail sector, this growth is skyrocketing. Between January and October 2019, the sector raised more than 8.2 billion yuan, 16.4% more than in the same period of 2018 . What opportunities does China offer western companies? Once the general portrait of the Chinese market has been drawn up, we must be attentive to its peculiarities.

In What Specific Niches Are The Business Opportunities For Foreign Companies?

The first thing to consider is that the demand is extremely polarized . Chinese consumers tend to: Acquire the options the cheapest, in his thirst for auxbonnes hunting business. Or go for premium products that are aspirational in nature, high quality and high price. In the first segment, most Western brands are fighting a losing battle against national brands. The way forward for a foreign company to succeed in China must be oriented towards the second segment. 35% of Chinese will belong to the upper middle class by 2030 The luxury sector will therefore live its golden age in China in the years to come if it knows how to play its cards well when marketing its products.

The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Chinese Consumer in 2030 report predicts that by 2030, 35% of the Chinese population will be upper middle class . An overwhelming figure if we consider that currently only 10% of Chinese fall into this category. This study invites companies not to neglect third and fourth level cities in their business strategies . According to The Economist, small towns such as Foshan, Wenzhou or Changsha will, in 10 years, become cities capable of overthrowing Beijing in terms of the numbers of citizens with high purchasing power willing to spend on luxury goods. Peculiarities of Chinese consumers’ online behavior A good digital marketing strategy in China must be based on an in-depth knowledge of Chinese consumer behavior on the Internet .

The Rules Of The Game Are Nowhere Near Equal To Those In The Western Market

and there are three basic ideas to keep in mind: Mobile is king The mobile is the preferred device for connecting to the Internet… and therefore for shopping online. According to the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), in 2018, Internet penetration reached 59.6% of the Chinese population, or 829 million people. Of this number, 817 million accessed the Web via a smartphone. Google and Facebook have little to do In China, access to Google and Facebook is prohibited by the government, and the players who dominate the digital landscape are the WeChat application , the Weibo social network , the JD marketplace or the Tmall and Taobao portals , owned by Alibaba.

Profitability (based on sales and CPA data). ROI of the different platforms. In this way, and depending on the objectives of each period, greater visibility will be given to current offers, different products will be promoted on each channel or certain elements will be removed from the feed. Un hombre consulted los productos de un e-commerce en su teléfono móvil Feed Price, Labelium’s CSS for Google Shopping campaigns To obtain good results on Google Shopping, it is desirable, in addition to performing good flow management, to bet on a Comparison Shopping Service (CSS), or price comparison service (SCP), authorized by Google in order to manage announcements within this channel.

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