Digital prospecting: how to do it?

In the digital age, traditional prospecting is called into question because it is not multi-channel. Digital prospecting therefore seems to be one of the answers to this problem. However, doing 100% digital, especially in terms of trade is not customary. Even if each of us wants faster and more simplified procedures, the contribution of the human being remains an essential constant. Therefore, thinking multichannel is the solution for the Guyana Email List commercial prospecting of tomorrow. We know today that even if 74% of Internet users do a research before buying, 80% of them want to keep human relationships.

In the context of BtoB industries, decision-making takes longer because of the costs of the various actions. The presence of human interactions is then necessary for the acquisition and retention of your customers. Having a large panel of channels to prospect is therefore the solution to always generate more leads. So let’s see together how digital prospecting is inherent in a global business strategy? Why do digital prospecting? Today, digital prospecting is necessary if we want to meet the expectations of potential customers. Indeed, digital creates new opportunities, new commitments but above all it allows you to broaden your horizon.

The objective is to get out of a completely cold prospecting

By removing a salesperson = a database = x calls from the diagram. Digital prospecting goes further than pure prospecting. Today, with tools related to marketing automation and scoring, it is possible to predict an act of purchase. This goes hand in hand with changes in consumption patterns. Indeed, our consumption habits have changed a lot in recent years under the leadership of Generations Y and Z. Whether in our private or professional life, we research and compare opinions before making a choice. Whether it is to eat in a pizzeria or to buy agricultural equipment, all of us pay attention to opinions and especially negative ones. Therefore, the notion of e-reputation is essential from a digital prospecting perspective.

Obviously, the impact of digital prospecting does not have the same impact in BtoC as in BtoB. In the BtoB universe, the purchasing stakes are slower. The fact that the costs are higher makes business leaders cautious. A purchasing decision can range from 6 months to a year in some cases. How to do digital prospecting? How to do digital prospecting is the question everyone is asking. Digital has opened many doors in terms of opportunities, whether through: Websites that are the first interface you have with a brand Social networks that create and break reputations Rating systems like Google reviews Marketing automation New technologies such as artificial intelligence, chatbots …

Blog articles and landing pages Without forgetting

SEO which is the key to SEO and your visibility on the web Commercial prospecting therefore involves inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is about bringing the customer to you. Digital prospecting essentially goes through this strategy since on the web visibility increases with time and the quality of your productions. To carry out a good commercial prospecting strategy, it is therefore necessary to opt for an omni-digital strategy. That is to say that we must use all digital channels by having a real content strategy of SEO and social media . You must always have in mind to cover the various problems of your prospects and not just mention your trades.

No matter their level of thinking on a subject, the fact that you are able to understand and analyze an environment will make the difference. The main goal is to spark a conversation, interest, or engagement (on social media) from your prospect. And then, thanks to marketing automation and scoring, you will be able to interpret a customer’s needs while offering them an optimum customer experience. Digital prospecting as part of a global strategy. Digital prospecting cannot work alone. It must be conceptualized around a global approach encompassing human and digital aspects. Because yes, even if digital brings profound changes, more than 80% of humans want to maintain human relationships.

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