Digitization of a technical hotline: how is it going?

This blog often evokes the impact of digital on customer relations professions and more specifically on our daily life: hotlines and telephone prospecting. Often criticized, but never equaled, technical hotlines are today the sinews of good customer relations. But in the digital age, can this classic means of communication still operate on its old principles? You already know the answer, it is no longer possible to do without digital. The digitization of a Brunei Email List technical hotline is the present, but also the future of customer relations. The digitization of a technical hotline goes through several levels, whether internally or externally. Whether in your processes, in the approach to your customers, in your KPIs or in the service provider/customer relationship.

This very close relationship that digital and human must have are also one of the elements that must not be omitted in the digitization of a technical hotline. Therefore, we can ask ourselves how the digitalization of a technical hotline is carried out? 1- Digitization of a technical hotline via internal processes To begin the analysis of our subject, let’s first look at the different digital processes used internally. Indeed, if digital processes are mastered internally, then it will be easier to deploy them for customers. The digitization of an internal technical hotline is based on several levers which are: The use of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) which allows to correctly manage customer requests.

This also makes it possible to see regular problems with a product

A customer in order to be in a process of improvement. The use of a CXM (Customer Experience management), which allows a more qualitative approach to the customer relationship. CXMs aim to take into account the individual wishes of customers. The implementation of web report in real time. We know from experience that real-time vision is essential for our customers. This real-time vision makes it possible to establish trust and collaborative work to promote a brand. Push related to IoT systems which must now be taken into account in the context of digitizing a technical hotline. This technology makes it possible to know certain malfunctions in real time.

API connectors which aim to link two software together in order to gain in productivity. This makes it possible to further optimize the customer relationship by having reliable information on a single platform. The automation of workflows for more homogenization of internal processes for a better customer experience. All of these tools make it possible to offer solid services to customers because you will be able to manage and adapt to their requests. Digital technology is today inherent in the internal functioning of a technical hotline.

2- A digitalization of the customer approach

Once the issue of internal digitalization has been raised, let’s see how the digitalization of a technical hotline can improve the customer approach. We now know that 92% of consumers prefer to interact by phone to resolve a technical problem. Today with the rise of digital technology, technical hotlines must know how to deal with digital tools and more particularly: Social networks which are today one of the key points of your customer relationship. Many requests pass through this channel, in particular consumer complaints. Being vigilant and attentive to these users responds to increasingly strong consumer demand. This demand is linked to the changes in consumption caused by digital technology.

IoT systems which are a real added value in the digitalization of a technical hotline. These systems make it possible in real time to detect a problem or the malfunction of a product. This means that there is a possibility of anticipating customer requests. Chatbots which are more and more essential to the digitalization of the customer approach. Indeed, this new technology makes it possible to give new impetus to technical hotlines. Chatbots aim to provide a customer with a solution quickly and in near real time. The digitization of the customer approach today involves at least these three points. A technical hotline must open up to a complete digitalization of its internal and external processes.

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