Disorders Especially Among the Youngest Users: They Compare Themselves

To each other , with people that they admire and it becomes harmful for the construction of their personality. The end of likes aims to counter the race for likes on Instagram The end of likes on Instagram will also help curb the “mass effect” due to likes . Clearly, they press on the heart at the top left only because the photo displays a large number of likes. This effect represents the perfect pattern of our society which is a society under influence . We live according to others and only to please others. The proof, the most beloved photo on Instagram today is the Slovenia Phone Number List photo of an egg with almost 54 million likes . This photo aimed to break the record for the old most loved photo on the network with 18 million likes: Kylie Jenner presenting her newborn baby to the world.

This is the “sheep” effect of our society … As for influencers, stopping the likes counter would reduce the social pressure they might feel . The race for likes hides a real hierarchy of statuses : the number of likes and subscribers in fact becoming a real indicator of respectability. Finally, brands and businesses that often use influencer services may not judge “social media professionals” just by their stats but more by their content and personality.

What Can They Bring Them? How Can They Communicate in Favor of the Brand?

The image and the quality of the content would certainly take precedence over a single figure that does not always mean everyone’s enthusiasm. the end of likes on instagram generates changes for influencers WHAT ARE THE CONSEQUENCES OF THIS TURNAROUND? For users Removing likes would lead to much more sincere interactions between different users. Instagram’s desire is to encourage Internet users to interact with each other more via comments, for example. Namely that before being the instigator of a new profession and a new business, Instagram, and social networks in general, was a sharing network and a place of pleasure , where we could escape during the day.

The very essence of networks is in the content, not in the numbers . Know everything about the consequences of the end of likes on Instagram For influencers For their part, influencers will still have access to the figures but in private . Namely that to collaborate with an influencer, a brand very often asks for the latter’s statistics in order to get a more precise idea of ​​the influencer engagement rate, among other things. When we talk about comparison, we often think of influencer / user, but influencers also compare themselves and will therefore no longer have access to the figures of their “competitors”.

With the End of Likes, They Will Therefore Focus More on Their Personal Content

The third benefit for influencers, not looking at the number of “likes” will make them focus more on interacting with their audience . Adam Mosseri, CEO of Instagram said, “ We want users to focus a little less on the number of likes they receive on Instagram and spend a little more time interacting with people than they are. like ”, a specific objective that pushes people to return to the basics of social networks: interaction and sharing ! To conclude : For sure, both users and influencers will have to get used to this important change in how the social network works.

Will the end of likes on Instagram put an end to the comparison and all the harmful social effects that these unconsciously generate? Since December, France has also been one of the guinea pigs and we will finally be able to realize how little importance this should take in our daily life. How will the influencer profession evolve in the future? What will be the consequences on the business created around Instagram? What will be the measures to be taken to continue living off the social network? For sure, Jadéclo will be there to keep you informed!

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