Do You Know Bing Ads? Take Advantage of This Adwords Clone From Microsoft.

Bing Ads is Microsoft’s alternative to Google’s AdWords program for use with their own search engine: Bing. For many years the use of search engines and also search engine advertising has been rather derided, but recent studies show a shift in attitudes: Bing is now increasing its market share and offering attractive advantages compared to Google Brazil WhatsApp Number List AdWords. Therefore, we would like to explain why now is the right time to advertise with Bing Ads and what features are suitable for the B2B industry. Google under pressure: Bing and Yahoo are gaining ground!

There is no doubt that in the Western world Google has been, and still is, the clear leader in search engines, and at the same time dominates search engine advertising (SEA). However, thanks to its cooperation with Yahoo! since 2006, Bing has been able to steadily increase its market share and covers 25% of all search queries in the United States (Source: statista ). Everything suggests that this trend will continue and that Bing will replace Google with the aim of becoming the standard search engine for Firefox – initially only in the United States.

However, Germany Is Still a Little Reluctant to Use

Bing and Yahoo! whose search queries do not even make 5% and 7.1% in France are still considered a niche product. 95% of all German user queries are generated through Google and through its Google AdWords advertising platform. However, this could soon change if we are to believe the challenge launched by Microsoft in the United States which, in the long term, wants to replace Google as a standard search engine and gain additional share of the global market. Bing Ads offers unique benefits Bing is very aware of its position as a challenger in a highly competitive market. However, here are 5 great reasons why users should integrate Bing Ads into their web strategy:

It is possible to import advertising campaigns from Adwords directly into Bing Ads, this saves a lot of time and allows you to directly compare performance. Customer Focus: Active user support and regular feedback requests are just some of Bing’s many efforts to meet the wishes of its customers. The cost per click (CPC) lower than that of Adwords (for the moment): in the United States the CPCs are approximately a third lower than the CPCs of Google AdWords. In Germany and France, the difference is even more significant. Based on our own analysis, we calculated that our customers’ average CPC for Bing was at least two-thirds cheaper than Adwords.

Exclusive Use: Bing Is Often Chosen by Users as an Alternative to Google

rather than an additional service. So there is real potential to be exploited here. Connection to other Microsoft services, such as Skype, Xbox, Windows: this can create synergies (little used so far) and interesting possibilities for advertisers. SEA with Bing for B2B communication effective world being a specialist in the B2B sector, we have of course analyzed how Bing Ads can be adapted to this sector of activity and what its added value is. Given Bing’s current low market share and associated search volume in Germany, it is difficult for advertisers to obtain sufficient impressions, clicks and leads. So what are the arguments in favor of Bing Ads? Many desktop computers are equipped with Microsoft products – Windows operating systems, Internet Explorer, Office package. Almost all desktop computers have Bing as their standard search engine.

Consequently, the proportion of B2B customers on Bing compared to the B2C sector is higher than that of Google for example (Source: webneo ). Bing users are generally innovative, spend more money, are better educated, and generally more tech savvy (Source: Bing Ads ), so you will be more likely to reach your target audience with Bing Ads than with Google AdWords. . If the advertising budget is limited with Google Adwords, either because the target group is too small or because the costs would be too expensive, using Bing can be an economical solution.

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