Customers related postcards that they can use to get a free product or sample or a specific promotion. Remember to include a link to your website to attract more visitors and gain visibility. 5. A space dedicated to Valentine’s Day Another good idea is to include a special publication about this celebration on your website or blog. An article. a video. a tutorial with images. etc. For example. Hofmann. a photography and printing services studio. published on her blog an article called Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her and Him . with photos illustrating step-by-step how to make perfect Valentine’s Day crafts. BUSINESS IDEAS6. The star product If you want to go further. launch a product or service for a limited time related to Valentine’s Day.

From candy brands that launch a special variety of chocolates only available during February. to cosmetics that change their packaging to put designs alluding to the occasion. there are several brands that take advantage of this time of year to offer new products and test tastes. of the public. 7. Contests and activities only for couples To generate interaction and participation among your target audience. nothing better than organizing a contest. Occasions like this are ideal to convene participants. From “Share the funniest photo you have with your partner” to “Come with your partner and show how well you know each other”. the contest can have as much spread as you want.

When You Want To Tell

Obviously the prize has to be tempting Afghanistan whatsapp number list people to feel interested in participating. 8. Valentine’s Mailbox For businesses that want to stand out and set trends. it is valid to take risks and generate actions that may require more time. but that will surely give more notoriety. How about this strategy of the French optical chain Alain Afflelou. which invites its customers to call a phone to record a message addressed to that special person. “You will receive a reminder e-mail with your details. those of the recipient and the message you have recorded. On February 14 your message of love will reach that person you love so much. BUSINESS IDEAS9.

Afghanistan whatsapp number list

Change of focus Sometimes to achieve an outstanding campaign it is necessary to change the perspective and get out of the traditional. Continuing with original proposals. see this one from the furniture manufacturer Ikea. Here the brand left aside the couples to focus on the consequences that the celebration of this date can have. That’s why it gives away a free crib for babies born nine months after Valentine’s Day. specifically. on November 14. The bases and conditions of the promotion could be consulted on the website and in stores. 10. Action at the point of sale In stores it is normal to see Christmas and even Halloween decorations.

Good Stories And Capture

If you want your Valentine’s campaign to be taken seriously. it’s time to dress your point of sale for the occasion. This helps you draw attention to any special offers you have or products that have discounts related to this date. Nor is it necessary to transform the entire premises. just a counter or corner that attracts the eyes of customers and motivates them to make the purchase is enough. Getting a potential buyer to think of a business as trustworthy and credible is a common but elusive goal. And even more so if we are talking about transmitting that idea through a website. That could be impersonal and that must compete with many similar ones.

Not surprisingly. many businesses struggle to find out what a customer wants to see on a website. What type of content is important. and what can be improved to achieve tangible results at the end of the month. Well. taking as a reference the results of the 2015 B2B Web Usability Survey . Published by Ko Marketing. we are going to review some basic. Points that you must put into practice so that your website inspires trust and credibility. To build trust you have to present yourself effectively Attention. Buyers determine the credibility of your company from the first impression they get from your website. That is why it is so important that your website is impeccable.

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