E-merchants, Retailers and Manufacturers: What Impact Does Deconfinement Have on My Digital and Media Strategy?

Following initial specific requests from some of our clients and the work of our media, data / consulting and e-retail enthusiasts from the 25 Labelium Group offices around the world, we have built a framework of questions to try to cover and anticipate maximum impact on media and digital during the (progressive?) deconfinement to come. New trends / biases are emerging. We have decided to share a few, by way of example, and which currently Indonesia WhatsApp Number List give rise to missions within our teams. Retail: “come back, we’re open again” won’t be enough Apart from a few difficult sectors (hairdressing / beauty salons where remedial sessions risk creating a traffic jam in the first weeks)

and a few sectors where a phenomenon of revenge buying / revenge shopping (compulsive purchase to compensate for the period of confinement) could happen, we believe that communicating only in “Come back, we’re open again” mode will not be enough . In the short term, offer new, more personalized services such as advice by making an appointment or home delivery from the point of sale (deliver.ee, all factors, etc.) or even the establishment of a type of service. drive / ready-to-go order will be a must. In the longer term, we believe that each point of sale will become a logistics mini-warehouse , capable of delivering in short or long circuits.

In Addition, It Seems That Retailers Will Be Responsible For Reassuring

consumers about the health and safety aspects of their spaces. How to communicate without being anxious to reassure is one of the key questions. Social and in particular Lives from shops can be elements that help audiences to project themselves, to see that life goes on while being adapted to exceptional conditions (gloves, masks, waiting line, freezing at the entrance, etc.). Reassurance to sauté will be necessary . E-commerce: but who are these new customers from the confinement period? Some e-merchants (decoration, beauty, food, manual activities, electronics, DIY) filled up with new customers during the confinement period.

A precise analysis of the profile of these new customers, undoubtedly quite distant from the usual customers, seems necessary in order to adapt the communication strategies, and to hope to transform “this one night relationship into a lasting one” . Knowing how to collect information and propose suitable routes or quite simply new contact plans and content for these audiences will be strategic. We will have to understand what appealed to this audience in order to be able to develop the discourse to preserve them and promote repurchase. The demand for e-commerce orders in certain sectors is increasing Manufacturers: “even more afraid” For many years, some manufacturers (a large part?) Lived in fear of offending their distributors, therefore refusing Direct To Consumer (and in particular digital).

The Significant Braking Effect Caused By The Closure Of Entire

sections of store categories will undoubtedly change the situation: direct sales can become a priority in order to better absorb any future shocks (and finally get to know end customers!). A diversification of the means of distribution with the activation of digital direct sales (own direct site via simplified solutions such as Shopify or Prestashop, marketplaces, sales on Amazon) is to be expected. The manufacturer’s product flow will be at the center of this new eco-system and will (re) build, for Direct Selling, like a Digitally Native Vertical Brands (DNVB), a possible communication strategy. Any digital asset: post-covid spring cleaning A lot of digital asset review needs to be reviewed post-covid :

SEO review to introduce promises like home delivery deployment of reinsurance / security in the context of covid review of YouTube and social network pages and site content : some images and videos will undoubtedly need to be amended, which have become out of step in the current context: group photos, or specific setting. For example an e-commerce site offering swimsuits, presented with a shot on a beautiful white sand beach in the tropics may pose a problem, here the difficulty will be that everyone will have their own sensitivity: the pretty Mauritian beach will be for some an escape and for others a visual displaced in the current context. The stake could be to assume the gap by inviting the audiences to escape or to adapt to better correspond to the situation of its consumers, but in both cases, it will be necessary to take an initiative.

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