E-reputation and B2B: do they go hand in hand?

E-reputation and B2B, this is a theme that is increasingly present in the mouths of B2B marketers. Today, the notion of reputation is essential for every business, because it responds to recent changes in consumption patterns. Indeed, a Google study on web behavior evokes the fact that ¾ of Internet users are sensitive to the opinions of others before buying. Healing your reputation is therefore a crucial issue for increasing your sales. But is it really Cayman Islands Email Addresses so for B2B companies? B2B companies are often judged to be lagging behind in terms of innovation, concept or digitization compared to B2C. The latter, very focused on digital and the notion of reputation have influenced behavior.

These behaviors are transcribed in our daily lives both on a personal and professional level. Therefore, taking care of your e-reputation becomes a major stake for companies, because our purchasing behavior, our way of searching remains the same in every aspect of our lives. Are e-reputation and B2B today inseparable or are they still inseparable? Why is e-reputation an important factor in B2B? The e-reputation in a B2C context is extremely important, because it really influences the sales of a product or service. But when is the B2B model? As mentioned in the introduction, ¾ of Internet users rely on the web for information and this behavior continues in their professional lives.

So ask yourself the following question:

How do I choose a restaurant in a city I don’t know? The simple answer is you look at the reviews of other customers to find out whether or not this or that restaurant is worth it. From the opinions of others you will choose your restaurant but I am sure you will not go to one that has a bad rating. For the B2B world, it is obviously the same thing. It is no longer enough to have a storefront and be a big name, you have to ensure your reputation every day. Because an unhappy customer is more likely to notice you than a satisfied customer. However, as in B2C, e-reputation does not stop only with the marks awarded and the processing thereof. You have to have a real digital strategy that is based on a set of points such as social networks and SEO.

Missing out on its e-reputation risks being a handicap for you and those for several reasons which are: Lack of control over what is being said about you The inability to manage your reputation by Take the risk that your competitors will surpass you or speak up for you The relationship you can have with your customers by opening up to other communication channels How to have a good e-reputation in a B2B company? Having a good e-reputation is within everyone’s reach, you just need to apply certain good practices to develop an effective digital strategy.

The e-reputation is carried out on several levels which are:

All aspects related to content marketing and writing blog articles. It’s one of the first things your visitors see, and the quality of your writing affects your reputation. Empty texts, without real added value, will not benefit your brand image. Aspects related to SEM, i.e. all the tasks that make up SEO, i.e. SEO and SEA. What could be better for its influence than to be well positioned on search engines? Being in the first results of the engines offers a guarantee of confidence and credibility. Your credibility combined with a good quality of your writing will place you as a thought leader. Another important point, that of social networks, which should not be neglected.

You don’t just need a simple presence but a real strategy to develop a community and create engagement. Your reputation also depends on the number of your subscribers. In addition, subscribers attracting subscribers, there is a real virtuous circle in establishing a good social media strategy. Last but not least are the services related to customer relations, whether traditional or digital . A customer relationship service that meets all of your customers’ expectations will allow you to create a good reputation. So if you don’t have the means to manage this part well, don’t hesitate to outsource your customer relationship. E-reputation and B2B an inevitable marriage? Therefore an inevitable question arises.

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